Sometimes meets a Objective, a dream, a desire so much that we almost fly over every obstacle on the way: enthusiasm gives wings and we can scale the highest mountains. But there are also other wishes and goals. Goals that don't inspire you, but rather burden you.

Obstacles on the way

How to overcome obstacles?

Most People are so with whining that Debt push on other(s) and insult yourself busy that you don't Solution can search.

In doing so, it is better to avoid the obstacle constructive to tackle Ask yourself:

Keep an overview! Write down all the possibilities on a list. Update and expand this list.

To tackle the hurdles in a structured way

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Such a list helps to combine obstacles and possible solutions into one Structure to bring, which enables a meaningful, step-by-step action.

You can not skip a house wall! Not at all. But every brick single, that goes. So dismantle the house wall! Whenever something is difficult for you:

It's not your fault Courage or your skills! It's up to the task. It's not structured properly. Atomize them! Even the Chinese knew that a journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.

Awaken your strength - make constructive thoughts

How do you awaken something within yourself? A wonderful tool for this are attitudes. In plain English: constructive thoughts. Plus these five steps.

  1. They face a task. Good.
  2. What do you think about it?
  3. And what, in contrast, would be a constructive attitude? What would be a committed attitude?
  4. But do not you know? You have doubts, fears, weaknesses?
  5. Then stand by! Feelings that you are fighting are becoming stronger. You can only change what you accept.

So do not fight your doubts. Do the opposite:

Accepting doubts instead of fighting

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This is an unusual recipe. Usually when we have self-doubts we tend to think: “Don't be like that! Pull yourself together!" Included feel You most likely have an inner one Resistance.

This is the reason why such attempts at self-persuasion do not work very often or well: they cost too much in the long run Energy, because they do not respect self-doubt, but butter it up. Buttering down costs energy and at the same time weakens self-esteem.

Best Treatment for Self Doubt: Pacing (Accepting) and Leading (to lead). Accept and appreciate unreservedly. Then gently guide it in the right direction.

How to find a job with 58 again?

A 58-year-old who is back after 24 years of motherhood Workplace advertised, countered the implicit accusation of the HR manager with this recipe: "That's right: I've been out of the for ages Job. And what have I done in this eternity?

I've had one for 24 years Family managed and half of that Office my husband. Point me to one of my competitors who has a similar qualification!” Well roared, lioness! After the third job interview did she have a job. No wonder, with this attitude.

"It won't be anything!" - “Yes, it will be something!”

At the latest after the third failed attempt, many say: “It won’t work! That's how I am, I don't change anymore, in mine Age, my parents already had it Problems, that's just a question of character!”

After three unsuccessful attempts, many consider this to be naked facts. I'll tell you something: these are not facts. This is just a story we are telling ourselves.

What do we tell ourselves and what does it do to us?

Tell about Tasks and problems never immutable! You chronify with it, ie you expect that this condition will remain like this and thus achieve exactly that.

But, of course, you should and should tell all the best, pleasurable and positive things as unchangeable!

Also the positive is unchangeable!

For example, after a great success: “That's just me! I always knew I was good at it. It's in my blood. I was able to do that as a child. ” Even if that's not entirely true: it makes you strong.

The greatest impact on well-being satisfaction, mental, emotional and physical Health has your ability to respect, appreciate, praise and treat yourself kindly.

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