In the daily hamster wheel, many have the feeling that they are just “functioning”. Her hope: "That can't have been everything." a life in prosperity, happiness and abundance is often only a few thoughts away and requires neither luck nor external circumstances.


The desire for “MORE”

“He who works a lot achieves a lot”. Or not? Most People live and work according to this motto. They are diligent, energetic and always at work. And with that more or less successfully. Sooner or later, just as many will realize: "In the long run, that's not enough!"

You want more out of life. You want a healthy one Balanceto force and Energy to be able to tackle everyday challenges in order to make better decisions and act with more inspiration. If people are asked about their wishes, answers such as: financial independence, more freedom and leisure time or "there must be more...". A plus Money, better luck, better Health, more joy. And of course he should Fun don't fall short.

Fulfillment needs holistic approach

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Nothing and nobody can change a person's life, except for himself. Are we back to “Who works a lot achieves a lot”? Not at all, because there is usually no shortage of hard work. The opposite is often the case. However, we do not need to work more hours to achieve financial independence.

What we need is bigger thinking. With more inspiration and a clear mental focus on ours Set we lay the foundation for fulfillment. The key to a fulfilling life lies in holism. To achieve more with less effort and lasting happiness and satisfied to be the Job, life and the path to success not only light be, but also be fun.

Tomorrow morning,…

How often do we put things off until tomorrow, next week, next year or sometime? How many dreams and how many plans have we postponed until later? “Once I earn XY Euros, everything will be much easier.”, “When I lose 15 kilos, then I will get better feel.” Unfortunately, we humans tend to procrastinate in general.

And combine our procrastination with the feeling that everything will get better later. We always wait for later. To the next better moment. To the next opportunity. To the next bill. At some point. And in doing so, we pretend that things in the Future were more valuable or important than the present moment.

... just not today? Exactly today!

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The question we have to ask ourselves is: can something ever be more important than exactly "this moment". Life always takes place in the now. We live here and now, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, but today.

Nobody knows what will happen in the future. And nobody has yet succeeded in changing the past. Today, just in “this moment” we have the power and the possibilities to lay the foundation for our future.

Realize dreams in 5 steps

We shape the future with the thoughts of today! It is all the more important to start the future in the now: with a goal-oriented, constructive and optimistic way of thinking. By trusting our dreams, making plans and theirs Implementation tackle, we dare to take the first step out of our own comfort zone and will soon join us Success rewarded.

Because life consists of small and large course corrections. The deeper we look at it, the more clarity we gain in individual areas of life and the faster and easier we usually reach our goals. 5 practical tips on how to do it.

1. Visions shape life

What distinguishes successful people from the “Otto normal consumer”? The former have and are pursuing a concrete vision of their lives in five, ten or 20 years.

Everyone strives for a happy, fulfilling life full of joy, fun, freedom, adventure, Lachen, Love, wealth and health. In the Everyday life verlieren however, we unfortunately far too much of these things fast from the Eyes.

2. Strengthen strengths

Every human being is an individual with unique character traits and Power, which no one else has. Unfortunately, most people focus more on their weaknesses than on their strengths.

The fatal thing: we are constantly trying to iron out our individual flaws somehow, instead of concentrating on our own strengths. Some drive this game so far that they do not even know what they can do at all. Nobody can be a genius in all areas, but everyone can be a genius when he builds on his strengths!

3. "What" comes before "How"

“You have to work hard to achieve success.” A lot of people think you just have to try hard enough, do enough, take a lot of time invest, then success will follow. It is absolutely true that diligence promotes success. The problem: Who aspires to 12-hour working days, little vacation and no family life.

Sooner or earlier there will be a lack of space - for inspiration, drive, Motivation and fun at work. Therefore, our focus should always be on the right one Objective lying: WHAT do I want to achieve? In ALL areas of life. The “WHAT” always comes before the “HOW”. Everyone's question Ask is: "What do I really want?" The "how" then often arises all by itself.

4. Uncover and eliminate time robbers

On some evenings, who doesn't wonder where the time has gone? We have the feeling that we have worked a lot, but nothing of Significance to have created? In order to achieve goals, we must begin to identify and eliminate time wasters.

for hours in Internet surfing, constantly at Facebook or What's App waiting for new messages, and, and, and ... If we uncover time wasters and reduce them in a targeted manner, we automatically have more time for the really important things!

5. Use the power of thought

Our thoughts are not bubbles floating above us. They are not empty pods, but a very powerful tool, probably even the most powerful we have.

Because our thoughts have the power to take shape. That's why we should use our awareness draw attention to the positive, to all the beautiful things in our lives. What we focus on, what we focus our thoughts on, will become stronger in the future - for more success, happiness and freedom in all areas of life.

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