The imbalance between arm and Rich is big worldwide. But how do you break out of the hamster wheel and lead a prosperous life?

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Being poor is not sexy

In Western culture, 95 percent of People at the end of the month Problems to pay their bills. You can't Money put it aside or even put it on. They spend their vacations - if they can go on vacations at all - where the cheapest deals are, and the "new car" is at best an old used car from the flag dealer.

They are always plagued with the same fears and worries. They also don't like to go to the mailbox because there are usually bills and reminders. After a 40-year career, 95 percent of people do not have enough to make a decent living from it and are now afraid of retirement and also of finally falling, not only financially but also socially, because being poor is not sexy. But what particularly distinguishes these people is that they are simply unhappy in their lives.

What do the 5 percent do better?

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5 percent of people not only pay their bills on time when they want to, they put money aside, to earn with capital investments and benefit from tax saving opportunities. They own real estate, regularly buy new vehicles and travel to their dream destinations Welt. Most of them like what they do, they are good at what they do and happy. It seems as if everything comes easily to them. Some take early retirement and then devote themselves even more intensively to their hobbies and interests.

What separates these people from the other 95 percent? Were they just lucky? Do you have an expensive one? Vocational Training enjoyed? Do these people have an above-average IQ? Or were they just in the right place at the right time? In the end, are the genes they inherited responsible for their happiness?

Take a trip to yourself

If you deal with successful people, you will find fast out: luck, education, background and Intelligence played for the Success a minor role! Successful people differ from unsuccessful ones in only one important way.

I would like to take you on a journey to yourself, because all of our actions, everything we do and think as human beings are wonderfully interconnected. You should use the latest findings from brain and genetic research, because research has meanwhile clear proved that the genes don't make us, we make the genes check. This new and exciting science is called epigenetics. These largely unknown research results will fundamentally change the way we think and act in the coming years.

Know the right formula

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But how do you manage to leave the 95 percent group and join the 5 percent group? For this, it is extremely important not only to know the 95/5 formula, but to understand that we encounter it again and again in all important areas of our lives. Only those who know and understand them can position themselves optimally in life and find happiness.

In my coaching sessions, I always use examples and stories that have happened to me or to people I know personally. Regarding the statements in the field of brain and genetic research, I have had to accept in the course of my life that there are different opinions even among the best scientists. But that didn't stop me from staying open and trying new things.

Why 95 percent of people don't think and 5 percent are successful

Some things didn't work for me, others worked surprisingly well, to a degree I never dreamed of, even though I suddenly had to read that a scientist of the Opinions was that from his point of view exactly this Method couldn't work at all. That sums up the whole story. No one knows exactly what works for you. Often even we don't know what works for us because we haven't tried. That's why I want you to: Be open to new things and give them a fair chance to enrich your life.

There are not many trends that are very similar around the world and have been consistent for many years. The imbalance between rich and poor is one of those few global trends. We know from recent studies that around 5 percent of people in Europe have no money worries. You own real estate and other investments, you Income and you assets are steadily increasing. These people travel the world, buy premium and luxury items, and are usually happy and satisfied. Within this 5 percent there is another group of about 0,3 percent that owns more than 50 million euros. This is the group of the super rich, whose fortunes reach into the billions.

The curse of comparison

But what about the rest, the other 95 percent? What's left for them? The thoughts of these people usually revolve around unpaid bills, problems in the marriage, the Family, the partnership and the job, or even about the Job Search. They have these worries, although most of these people work hard, some even have two jobs, but it's just not enough to get on in life. Once the hamster wheel turns, it's very difficult to get out.

In addition, these people constantly compare themselves to those who have more than them, and that makes them even more frustrated and sad. It is a trend that we are currently looking at worldwide. I call it the 95/5 formula. Interestingly, we find this trend or formula not only in economically stable countries in Europe, but also in countries that have only developed economically in the last few decades.

No short-term trend

The greater the economic progress in such countries, the more the 95/5 formula crystallizes. One could conclude that we are dealing with a new trend that has emerged in the past 30 to 50 years, but the impression is deceptive. If you go further back in time, you will come across this trend of one-sided distribution of wealth between poor and rich people over and over again.

As early as the Bronze Age, i.e. around 4000 years ago, in the early arable farming culture of Europe, two camps of people formed, some of whom had a lot and others very little. It is assumed that at the beginning of the Bronze Age around 10 to 15 percent of the people still controlled the resources and thus belonged to the privileged or wealthy. In the next 2000 years, as agriculture increased Significance lost and it was more lucrative to occupy trade routes and charge taxes for them, the 95/5 formula crystallized visibly.

The structural division is repeated

Even with the development of modern humans, our behaviors have hardly changed. Today in the 21st century we find the same structures of division between rich and poor as we did thousands of years ago. My research showed that the journalist and writer Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) already published a relationship between in his 1928 work The Law of Success, which later became the world-famous title Think and Grow Rich Poor and rich, speaking from 98 percent to 2 percent.

His thoughts on it spiegelOn the one hand, they contradicted the opinions of his mentor, the then giant of the steel industry Andrew Carnegie (1835–1918), who was probably one of the richest men in the world in his day. On the other hand, his statements also corresponded to the world views of personalities such as Henry Ford or Thomas Edison. So this division is not new, on the contrary.

Imbalance has manifested through generations

As a result, many people have started to simply accept this imbalance across generations, true to the motto: It has always been this way and will always remain so. But, as is so often the case, it is worth taking a step back and taking a second look at things, in this case the division of wealth between the poor and the rich.

It is striking that the group of the rich 5 percent changes again and again in its composition. Only about 1 percent of wealthy families manage to stay in this circle for several generations or centuries. These are mostly the super rich. But even within this group it can happen that one or the other family dynasty becomes impoverished for generations despite once immeasurable wealth.

New and old players

This danger arises especially if one day the ego trumps the size of wealth. So there is a lot of movement in the 5 percent circle of the rich. Particularly when the "new times" had dawned, there were often great upheavals in the composition of this group. When agriculture lost its importance back then, many rich people did not make the leap.

With the advent of the industrial age, many new faces appeared in the 5 percent circle, including among the super-rich. The same thing happened again with the advent of the information age in the 80s. In turn, new players have entered this circle and others have left it. So all of this shows that there is always room among the rich, for everyone who has understood the rules of the game. Today we live in a world where all information is available!

Information is openly available

Even secret state information finds its way to the public on an unprecedented scale. Edward Snowden and Wikileaks are just two of many prominent examples. But other enormously valuable information is also available. The digital age has given us this, among other things Internet bestows. There is probably none relevant Information, which we cannot find there. The problem is rather finding the relevant ones among all the irrelevant ones. Since the Term "Fake News" has traveled the world once, everyone knows how difficult it can be.

One of the repeatedly used arguments from the group of 95 percent, according to which the rich have access to information, the poor do not, no longer counts. It can be argued that the rich still have a head start because they know what information is relevant and where and how to find it, but in the end we have equal opportunities in this regard today.

Wealth is not a matter of luck

It is further argued that the rich are more fortunate, have enjoyed better training, have been gifted by nature with a high IQ or, quite simply, have already been born rich. The list of popular reasons why some have everything and others have nothing is long and has been the same for many years. I have also used these reasons for myself as an argument and justification to others. It had taken many years before I finally discovered that there is only one relevant difference between rich and poor, happiness and unhappiness.

If you deal with the rich, you quickly find that it is not luck, not expensive training or an above-average IQ that make the difference. For some rich and successful people I've met, the IQ is even more in the lower range. You may also know one or two people who have asked themselves shaking their heads: how the hell did he get this far?

The secret of success

I have spent many years trying to unravel the mystery of why so few have everything and so many have nothing. Why does everything seem so obvious to the successful? light? What secrets do those I don't know know? I have many ways tried it out, I often took wrong turns and only got back on the right path after a long, difficult detour. But I didn't give up and kept looking until I saw the obvious and wondered Eyes rubbed and asked myself: Can it be that simple?

If you now think that never giving up is the secret, let me say two things. Sometimes you have to give up, plain and simple, to be able to follow a different path if you are on the wrong path. And as for the secret: there is no secret to happiness, success, wealth and fulfillment. It is more of a key, a key that we all have but are still not on the radar. We use it a thousand times a day and still have no idea how it works. Or can you explain how our thinking works?

A question of thinking

Yes, exactly, the way of thinking is the big difference that separates the poor and rich, that ensures that some have so much and others have so little. We have about 60 thoughts every day and are not even aware of it. A single thought can take our life in a completely different direction. I will show you this on the basis of personal experiences.

The day I started thinking about thinking changed my life from the ground up. I have got to know a new world, one in which everything is possible and dreams suddenly become realistic and tangible goals and happiness, success and fulfillment suddenly appear possible. A world in which you suddenly have 60 potential opportunities every day to do and achieve what you want. It was a fascinating moment.

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