If it is possible to discover, expose and use the ethical source, a meaningful and responsible cooperation is possible - also in the Economy.

Meaningful cooperation

Take responsibility

The simplest description of what ethics is is: “the doctrine of meaningful cooperation”. That means: We need a benchmark for “meaningful cooperation”, so that everyone People and in addition all living beings on earth are included. Because ethics is also the teaching of responsibility for everything that lives. We must not and cannot evade our ethical responsibility. All these aspects are brought together in philosophical ethics. She states:

[quote]"As a person, I am the center of my (not the) Welt, knowing full well that this also applies to every other person. Serving other people to be the center of their world is the basis of personal and economic success, the basis of finding meaning, but also the basis of economics and entrepreneurial activity.

Ethics combines altruism and egoism

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Let me emphasize, it says: "I am the center of MY world" - not THE world! Rather, it counts: philosophical ethics combines altruistic and selfish, social and individualistic aspects. Here are a few examples:

In search of the ethical source

The Dalai Lama means something very similar when he says: “I don't think I have particularly good qualities. Oh, maybe a few little things. I think positively. Sometimes I get a little annoyed, of course. But in my heart I never blame anyone, never think badly about anyone.

I also try to be more considerate of others. I believe that others are more important than me. Maybe people like me because of my good heart. ” Albert Schweitzer said: "I am life that wants to live, amid life that wants to live." Philosophical ethics therefore shows two basic truths:

For me, philosophical ethics is the ethical source that exists in us human beings and should ground and guide all our thinking and action. Of course: this is not always the case, it is rarely the case - it is a visionary notion that all people act on the basis of philosophical ethics. But this is no reason to give up this visionary claim.

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