What makes a good one Executive out? He should be social, good for the employees, no asshole. But is that really good management?


Cool bosses = good management? Why leadership means so much more

Cool bosses who play table tennis with their employees, organize summoning rings and together with the rest of the world Team Going on vacation is a symbol of a new, more social world of work. The boss, who also and especially shows his human, soft side, is seen as a role model. But is it really like that?

In today's corporate world, Guide a crucial component for the Success. Good management is an essential part of any successful business Organization. It's about overseeing the operations of a business and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Beware of the niceness trap: The risks of the peace, joy, pancake leadership mentality

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However, many managers are caught in the “niceness trap” of prioritizing popularity over effectiveness. This can lead to lack Respect on the part of employees and lead to a drop in productivity. As a leader, it's important to strike a balance between being kind and being assertive.

To avoid this trap, it is important for managers to strike a balance between friendliness and assertiveness. You must learn to communicate effectively, set clear expectations forms and her team in the mandatory to take, but also to show empathy and understanding. Effective leadership also includes creating a productive work environment, setting clear expectations, and Set to put and constructive Feedback .

Good leadership means creating a culture of accountability

It is important to create a culture of accountability and to encourage employees to take responsibility for their work. In addition, an effective Communication crucial for building trust and understanding among team members. We will discuss the importance of being emotional as a leader Intelligence and empathy while being determined and, when necessary, making tough decisions.

So, in this post, we are going to give you some tips and Strategies for better leadership, based on the experiences of successful managers and industry experts. These tips will help managers develop their leadership skills, create a positive work environment, and achieve their goals while maintaining their team's respect and loyalty. In addition, we will have the role of permanent Further Training and development in improving leadership skills.

Management: Control is good, feeling good is better

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Because good management is much more than just making sure that Tasks get done on time or that projects meet their deadlines. Wellbeing management is an essential aspect of managing People, and it can play a crucial role in a company's success. In today's fast-paced and highly competitive business world, employees are the backbone of any company. Therefore, it is crucial for the achievement of business goals Significancethat they are motivated and engaged.

Feel-good management is an approach that focuses on creating a positive and supportive workplace culture. It is about creating an environment in which employees are valued, respected and valued feel. This approach goes beyond simply providing incentives and perks to employees. It's about taking a genuine interest in their well-being, making sure they have a healthy Work-Life-Balance and to offer them opportunities for personal and professional development.

But does feel-good management also have disadvantages? Is it sustainable over time or does it create a sense of entitlement among employees? I On the subject of feel-good management, but also on its own risks and side effects, we have already reported in detail several times - including in the interview with Monika Krauss-Wildegger.

When Nice Bosses become a problem

Many people think that a "nice" boss is a dream come true, but in reality it is not what it seems. A boss who is overly friendly and accommodating can even be a sign of cowardice and selfishness. While it may be tempting to think that a boss who is always willing to give you the benefit of the doubt is a great thing, in reality it can be a sign that they are unwilling to make tough decisions or hold its employees accountable for their actions.

A boss who is too nice is often seen as weak and ineffective and may be reluctant to Measures to take if necessary. This can lead to a lack of respect from employees, as well as a lack of productivity and overall success of the company. Also, a boss who is overly accommodating may be more concerned with their own image and reputation than with the well-being of their employees or the success of the company as a whole.

Weak bosses who just want to be loved

I even know from my own experience that bosses who are too nice sometimes Problem could be. For example, if they see employees as their friends, want to be liked by everyone - and then find it difficult to make unwelcome decisions. And they are necessary when it comes to the well-being of the entire company.

Exactly with for this Opinions became Best of HR - Berufebilder.de® author Roland Jäger was heavily criticized for his performance at Anne Will, for example, he was accused of representing an authoritarian, no longer contemporary style of leadership. In this, Jäger is of the opinion that a boss, who thinks about the good of his company, also helps his employees.

How not to do it

An example of how to put it out loud Hunter better not do: Mr. Lieblich visits one with his new employee customers. A friendly one Conversation an excellent contract conclusion follows during the journey. Because boss and Customer Get along brilliantly, the new guy sits a little apart, listens and is grateful that he doesn't have to become active himself. Chef Lieblich is also excellent satisfied and gratitude of his associate warms his heart. The customer is flattered that the boss himself takes care of him. Everyone is happy. But is everything good?

Probably not, because unfortunately Mr. Lieblich has his real job from the Eyes lost: He should lead his employees. This includes setting clear goals, but not doing the work for them. Usually he doesn't have time for that. Unfortunately, the reality is different Roland Jäger from his many years as a management consultant knows: “Even bosses want to be loved and needed. Hence, many have Anxiety, to speak a clear word, to take decisive action and sometimes to make unpleasant decisions. They prefer to use nice words and gestures to ensure that the mood is peace, joy and pancakes - until the evil awakening comes at some point!"

Nice bosses are cowardly and selfish

And that is inevitable. Because what these nice bosses often overlook: In reality, they don't care about the well-being of their employees at all - only about their own. That's cowardly and convenient - says Jäger. “Employees notice a lot fasthow they best exploit their boss' need for cuddles – for example, by always leaving the important tasks to the boss and abusing his good nature. In the long term, however, the performance of the company's department suffers as a result. But eventually someone will come along who will really clean it up,” warns Jäger.

Better than constantly forgiving mistakes or even always stepping into the breach for your subordinates, be it clear to signal: “I stand behind you. And with that, I cut off your escape route. Make sure you deal with the situation. I am for sure, You can do that." This means taking tough action when necessary - but not making arbitrarily despotic decisions - as Jäger makes clear: "A good boss makes decisions with the well-being of everyone in mind, but first and foremost thinks of the well-being of the individual Company. In plain language means: He does not harass his employees, but stands behind them. But not in front of them. ”

10 Tips for better management

Chefs should not be too nice? 5 Practical Tips for Better Management Roland Jäger:

  1. Control instead of praise: Managers do not deserve praise but control. It is unjust if all employees are treated equally.
  2. The boss has to know what he wants! The saying goes: The hard dogs have the strongest packs. Employees are happy when their boss knows what he wants.
  3. Well meant is the opposite of good!   Inconsistent bosses do not deserve trust, but disempowerment, because the cuddle course brings war instead of peace.
  4. Who does not fly, who flies! You have to get rid of highly qualified employees without self-motivation, unmotivated high potentials are the worst employees.
  5. Employee loyalty is a myth: Whose best employees after three years do not cancel, is a bad boss!
  6. Please do not mother: The best bosses do not stand in front of their employees, but behind them - it does not help anyone to protect employees from the consequences of their actions.
  7. Good nature is a waste of money: Forgiving bosses do not prove greatness, but waste money. Why undisciplined employees have a right to severe sanctions.
  8. Just do not show weakness: Chefs of weak employees are themselves weak and dependent on their teams.
  9. Consequence is more important than creativity: Not ingenious ideas, but consistent action brings success - for managers, perseverance is therefore more important than creativity.
  10. Teamwork is important: With the right team, every strategy is the right one. The boss, on the other hand, does not use the best compass when traveling alone

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