We all live in networks of relationships, privately and professionally. We know People – and people know us. All network activities are about the conscious establishment and maintenance of our contacts. But introverts often have a hard time doing this.

Self-presentation Maintaining contacts & networking for introverts: Hello! Here I am!

Introverts and Extroverts

Our contacts are just for that Job particularly important. In networks we present ourselves, our work, projects and ideas. We are recommended, we recommend and listen to recommendations.

The ability to establish contact with other people is different in every person. There are the sociable, extroverted types that draw joy and strength from every conversation.

And there are the quiet, introverted contemporaries who sometimes do a lot Energy have to expend in order to communicate with their fellow human beings, especially with strangers.

Psychological types according to Carl Gustav Jung

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In his work “Psychological Types” in 1921, Carl Gustav Jung defined introversion and extroversion for the first time as characteristics that significantly shape a personality.

According to Jung, introverts are more inward-oriented, extroverts more outward, that is, towards the environment and fellow human beings. The transition between the two forms is fluid.

Intro ?! Extro ?!

Young people do not rate according to the degree of introversion or extroversion. For him, both characteristics, with their peculiarities, were important and valuable.

From Jung's perspective, intros and extros complement each other and can help each other broaden their perspectives and explore new angles. Nevertheless, the intros have it in our loud Welt not always light  especially when it comes to making contact with other people.

Dare networks

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Networks are neither concoctions nor conspiratorial clubs (although there are institutions that are difficult or not accessible). They are, in principle, a huge transshipment center for information.

We live in a world that offers us many things and also demands many decisions. That's why we like to listen when others help us make decisions. For example, look for a doctor or a tax consultant, a graphic designer or a good babysitter.

Networks for greater quality of life

Networks can also relieve stress, for example by passing on a project that is too far away from one's own core competences. Or through a jointly organized childcare!

In addition, many network activities offer more Quality of life through joint sports and leisure activities, even if they are professional Set have: from golfing to mountaineering and from traveling together to relaxing evenings by the fireplace to cooking activities together. All successful network activities have one thing in common: They enable everyone actively involved to benefit from one another.

Counselors are usually oriented to extroverts

On the subject of networks, Communication and dealing with people, there are many clever advisors. Unfortunately, this is almost always based on the "Extros", i.e. on people who are in their Behavior dynamic, spontaneous and happy to open up to the outside world.

Quiet people, on the other hand, need their special Power and also often have to overcome their hurdles in communication. Because these supposed disadvantages can become an advantage if you are a quiet person on your own needs pay attention

Networks with their own strengths and needs

Some have to Ask be reconsidered: How can you, as a quiet person, network with your strengths and needs - i.e. in a way that suits you?

In the following article, based on the strengths of quiet people, I will give tips on how to use your own strengths correctly. Here you can find some Strategies, which provide an answer to this question. On this basis you can develop your own plan.

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