Even if this simple fact in stressful everyday work fast can sometimes be overlooked: Bosses are also only People. If you, as a manager, Employees If you want to continuously motivate to high performance, you are well advised to also include your humanity Office gain weight. We explain why.

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High performance and humanity are not mutually exclusive

High performance and humanity are by no means mutually exclusive. Rather, humanity is in Company a crucial prerequisite for high performance. This Method aims to answer the question of the conditions under which people in companies are willing to continuously contribute their performance potential at a high level.

This only succeeds if employees are treated decently and fairly, i.e. humanely. And: It does not require a raised index finger or excursions into moral teachings and ethics. If you want to achieve high performance on the basis of lived humanity, systematically look at your own management and everyday business life - and then take a critical look at your own Behavior. However, if you are aware of errors in the processes in good time, you can correct them with little effort - and achieve corresponding success.

3 Tips for optimal leadership

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Often they are rather trifles, which run wrong. Therefore, consider these three points:

  1. For lasting results, high performance and humanity must come together.
  2. Leadership behavior is of central importance and requires intensive attention, guidance and support from above.
  3. Executives have to perform their management tasks - not just the technical tasks - extremely conscientiously.

Humanity for Employer Branding

Businesses are competing harder than ever to be the best Candidate and the most capable employees. The company's reputation on the labor market becomes a competitive advantage - or, in the case of a negative image, a competitive disadvantage. The best applicants feel are now only approached by companies with a good or excellent reputation. And only those who treat these "high potentials" decently and fairly and offer them excellent working conditions can keep them in the company.

It is therefore advisable, out of self-interest alone, to treat one's own employees in a consciously humane manner. High performance without humanity does not work. Pressuring employees, threatening them with losing their jobs, them Anxiety to make: All this generates resistance instead of Motivation. This is how it comes to service according to regulations, but by no means top performance. High performance has to come from within. You will only find willingness to do so in motivated employees.

3 Tips for dealing with employees

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Top companies want and have to assert themselves against their competitors in an increasingly fierce competition. Therefore, they require high and highest performance from their employees. more permanent Success However, this can only occur where humane and fair treatment of employees goes hand in hand with a high level of performance motivation.

  1. Demand high performance. Set ambitious but achievable goals. This is the “hard” side of leadership.
  2. By treating your employees properly, ensure a good working atmosphere that is based on fairness and respect. This is the “soft” side of leadership.
  3. Pay equal attention to both sides. Both are important, are equally important and should therefore be in balance with one another. Only when high performance and humanity are in harmony will this enable long-term employee motivation and lasting success.

3 tips for dealing with your own strengths and weaknesses

Very few executives succeed in creating a corresponding balance right away: as a rule, tending Executives to one side or the other – to high performance or to humanity. You too will be yours Power have on either side. Hence the product:

  1. Be aware of which direction you are leaning in, which is your stronger side. Now work specifically on promoting the other side (see below) so that both are roughly in balance.
  2. Instead of weakening your strong side in order to find balance, strengthen your weak side. This will help you achieve a high level of balance.
  3. Strengthening your own weaker side, contrary to your personal characteristics, is not easy. It takes discipline and real work. Take up this challenge! You will massively improve your leadership skills.

3 Tips for more humanity

If your strengths are in the demand for high performance, then you are working on your humanity:

  1. Involve employees' interests more intensively than before and you have respect for the dignity of each employee.
  2. Go confidently in advance - with personal honesty and fairness. Most people are decent. Therefore, deal with them decently.
  3. Make sure your instructions are clear and your reactions are predictable. Listen carefully to what employees have to say to you. If employees disagree or express criticism, this may very well be justified and should therefore be carefully examined by you.

3 tips for more high performance

Dominating your human side, so encourage your ability to demand high performance:

  1. Request permanent and above-average performance of your employees. Services must serve the company, the overall interest. Therefore, you should encourage and promote team-oriented achievements, instead of promoting individual ones.
  2. Take the necessary disputes with unmotivated employees offensively and confidently.
  3. Face conflicts - even if they are inconvenient, awkward and difficult to resolve. This is part of your job.

Strengthen the base level

A top company needs excellent people. In order to win them over and keep them in the long term, excellent managers are first of all necessary who treat their employees in such a way that they are ready for high performance. Ultimately, the lowest level, the basic management level, is decisive for the management quality in the company: After all, it is their representatives who usually lead the highest number of employees.

What the basic management level exemplifies in terms of leadership behavior is what happens to the largest group of all employees in the company. The basic management level thus has a decisive influence on the perception of whether good or bad management work is done in the company. Accordingly, the leadership quality of this group has a decisive influence on the mood and motivation of your employees. Companies must therefore in particular selection, care and possibly Further Training of the most senior executives attach particular importance. This situation requires the greatest Attention and careful design.

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