The search for the dream job is more torture than it is, especially for young professionals Choice: Group or Startups, trainee program or direct entry – and who needs mine anyway Competencies?


Where do I stand in 5 years?

The Study you have just successfully completed, the last exam is done, the thesis is approaching the long-awaited end and the universally disreputable seriousness of life in the form of the topic "Job Search” knocks tirelessly on the shared apartment door.

And now you should think about starting your career and looking for a job. Before you know it, you should have answers. Answers to the Ask after your own Future. What do I want to do? Where do I see myself in five years? And how do I get there?

The vocation

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Immediately after graduation Job Finding something that completely fulfills you is probably more utopia than reality. Due to a lack of practical experience, a willingness to compromise is often what counts, especially when it comes to your first job.

Still, as a graduate, you shouldn't consider yourself under value sell. Finally, one brings important qualifications with, which offer the future employer great added value.

Take the right path

Not to mention the above-average high Motivation, with which career starters usually start work life get in.

A new phase of life inspires, you want to do your thing well, prove yourself and others: “I can do great things”.

Motivation: Creating great things in the first job - but how?

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The first job should be the opportunity. Now, however, it is the case that graduates are motivated by different sources - and therefore have different demands on the employer.

Count for some fixed structures and klare instructions, others would like theirs creativity Life, ideas bring in and fast Take responsibility for your own projects or areas.

What is the right approach?

Knowing what you want makes the job search process a lot easier. After all, this makes it easier to separate the wheat from the chaff, relevant ones Jobs to select and be targeted and motivated apply.

Based on the first practical experience gained during internships or other activities, graduates are usually given an approximate idea of ​​the conditions under which they feel comfortable.

Which company suits me?

And you also know roughly which corporate structure is less suitable for your own Personality and way of working fits.

These valuable insights are now to be put into words. This gives you a practical orientation guide that clearly defines the area of ​​your own job search.

Pro and con corporate structures

For this purpose, for example, a classic pros and cons list or the modified variant, in which one holds the possible ideal case and the absolute no-gos.

This may sound banal, but it can be a great help when looking for a job.

Checklist - pros and cons

So you should take the time before the research to put your own ideas of the first job on paper:

Money - an important factor in job search

Money is and will remain an important factor when looking for a job. But a high one salary alone does not automatically make your first job your dream job. So too have many smaller ones Company far more to offer than the majority of graduates expect. How to find out what suits you and how to get it.

Group or start-up, trainee program or direct entry, company car or Business English – not only is there a great need for young professionals, but also the range of opportunities that graduates have with their first job. But how do you find an entry-level job that suits your own qualifications and requirements?

What do not I want to do?

You should deal with these and similar questions when creating your own preference list. It is also advisable to record which ones Tasks or general conditions are out of the question for oneself.

Thus, not every graduate would necessarily work in a group, but the startup culture presents graduates with special challenges that are not up to everyone.

Give me that beautiful life!

The fact that dealing with one's own plans for the future triggers fears right through to mild panic attacks is a completely normal reaction.

People like security. So if you realize that you soon have to leave the comfort zone study in the direction of uncertainty, it may already tweak in the abdominal area.

Recognize the job search as an opportunity

It is important that you understand everything that comes now as an opportunity. So you should see the first job not only as a livelihood, but also as an important milestone for your own career.

So something else counts beyond the first real salary: the Perspektive. And as long as possible!

What I want?

If you have the list of your own claims in front of you, in many cases it will be shown that an appropriate salary is only one "feel-good factor" of many.

Thus, many graduates are quite willing to make cuts in salary as far as other compensation is concerned. These include, for example,

What job do I want to do?

The nature of the activity should, of course, be of enormous importance, if not the most important. After all, the profession can only become a vocation if one pursues one's own position with passion.

This does not mean that you get the most amazing tasks and the full responsibility from the very beginning in the first job. What is important is the perspective that is offered to you. If you have clear objectives - and these were also discussed with the employer - you know what you are working on. Step by step you can approach your (later) profession.

Questions do not cost anything, at most overcoming

“20 seconds Courage.” This motto has brought unexpected happiness to quite a few people. For this reason, the most important tip at the end: Your own wishes and Set one should communicate clearly to the (future) employer at all times.

Small and medium-sized companies in particular often have more to offer than expected. This includes attractive training programs and additional benefits - and that with flat hierarchical levels and promising future prospects.

In the interview: Absolutely ask questions

So, if you get to know the potential employer personally, you should not only answer questions, you should also ask questions. After all, it is the company with which you jointly lay the foundation for your own career path.

And so it is like in any good interpersonal relationship: mutual listening and the open dialogue open new possibilities, avoid misunderstandings and make a strong path for a common path.

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