Much is today Online possible, also applications. But still the online job search throws many Ask on. We give you 3 Checklists.

Online job search vs. application portfolio: Bye bye cover letter & cover sheet? [3 checklists]

The end of the traditional application: Bye bye cover letter & cover sheet?

Traditional application processes are dead, you read again and again. The end of the letter is called out constantly and louder from the cover sheet of the Application not to mention. For the Future it is to be expected that the good old application in an envelope, with a postage stamp and stamp, will be lost.

The Technology has caught up, allowing many workflows to be done online or electronically. And this development is precisely what the digitization of application processes is concerned for sure not over yet.

Which digital application processes do companies use

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Today, most recruiters use and Recruiter not only on digital explorer brandingStrategies and social networks to find new talents themselves through so-called active sourcing; many employers use online application systems to attract interested people Candidate to win.

Especially in the media industry or the creative industry, the application per eMail already an enormous value; other Industries move to. In addition, the so-called online application forms are of course also a sign of the times.

Why companies love digital application processes

This means that HR managers in Company accept online applications more and more often and exclusively. From the employer's point of view, there are reasonable administrative reasons for this:

Managing applications online is extremely practical for companies today. Sophisticated applicant management systems are often used here, which also make it possible to contact rejected talent again if necessary. Paper applications are available fast cumbersome and time-consuming, while online application systems ensure an efficient and secure process for companies.

The online application also has many advantages for applicants

However, online processes in the application process also have many advantages for applicants: The online application is easier than applying by post clear easier. You do not need an address from which the offer will be sent or a self-addressed stamped envelope to return the offer.

In this way, applicants can find significantly more job offers and reach companies in a significantly more cost-effective way. In this way, you increase your chances of making a positive impression on an employer job interview being invited and even getting the right job.

Online application: no light without shadow

As always, however, where there is light, there is also shadow. The large number of available job offers makes the Job Search quickly becomes a little arbitrary and quickly makes applicants act sloppily. You have to Candidates given the plethora of applicants looking for a job online.

A letter of application is an important tool that every applicant can use to keep themselves ahead of the Manager or other personnel decision-makers want to put it in the limelight. There are certain basic rules according to which a letter must be written and there are also a few things that must not be missing under any circumstances.

Application with cover letter and cover sheet: The dead live longer

However, it is precisely such basic rules that are quickly overturned by the discussions about online applications and the omission of the cover letter, which leads to great uncertainty among aspiring job seekers. Because those who are said to be dead live longer, as is well known, and this also applies to classic applications Write to and cover sheet:

Because still not all companies have switched to online for the job advertisement and application process and the classic application folder is still the preferred format for applications for quite a few HR managers.

The classic application folder: More than a nostalgic relic

The paper application is on the one hand a relic only for nostalgic people, for old-fashioned employers with a penchant for nostalgia, but on the other hand there are also many of these traditional companies in Germany and they have often done well with their old-fashioned attitude, at least from their point of view.

Even if there is a lot to be said for online applications from business circles, employers still associate a carefully designed portfolio, which may cost something, with a certain diligence and something special Engagement, which ultimately demonstrates to them: I want to work for you and not for umpteen other companies where I also quickly clicked through the online form.

The agony of choice: efficient application processes or application portfolio?

Applicants are now spoiled for choice Wahl: Wants the company efficient digital application processes or lovingly designed diligence folders? Or maybe even both? If in doubt, they first have to do extensive research and find out which application format is the right one for which employer.

And these formal criteria are an aspect that should not be underestimated, with which candidates can evaluate their hiring and Career-May significantly improve prospects. Because only with the right format you can save yourself the Stress, to use an application format that is not accepted and to be practically out of the race already in the first round instead of positively setting yourself apart from the competition?

Checklist: What are the advantages of online applications from the company's point of view?

There are essentially four reasons that keep coming back as an advantage eMail- Application to be mentioned against the paper:

Checklist: What speaks against online applications from the company's point of view?

However, the fact that many companies still adhere to analogous applications has reasons:

Checklist: Are there any disadvantages for the applicant when applying?

It is also necessary to clarify whether the applicant has advantages or disadvantages by digitizing the application procedure. The situation is unambiguous:

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