Introverts often feel uncomfortable in a world that is all about constant self-expression. Your inner child will often take cover then. But there are sensible strategies.

Self-Marketing & Networking for Introverts: 6 Strategies for Your Inner Child
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Start immediately!

In order to feel comfortable as a quiet person in a noisy world and to be successful, the networking tips for extroverts, as given in many guides, are of little help. What you need is your very own strategy, with the help of which you can start immediately and “quietly” networks can.

What I would like to give you is a first planning: start with the implementation of a single point immediately: How to get moving. Good luck!

Strategy 1: Set your own goals

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In the case of a goal-oriented planning, your analytical skills are beneficial to you, which have many quiet people. But also the pursuit of the essence and your ability to concentrate will benefit you.

So will you clear, Which objectives Track you with your network activities. Are they private goals (such as relief, personal development, common impulses) or professional goals (collegial contacts, exchange of information, Further Training)? Now you can define which professional or private networks are of interest to you and where it pays to invest energy, time and money.

Strategy 2: Define your resources

As a quiet person, you know particularly well that the resources you need to network are limited. It is all the more important that in this second strategic step you consciously decide what you want and to what extent you want to "spend" time, energy and money.

So ask yourself how much time (per day / week / month) and money (e.g. for membership fees, travel expenses, meals, participation fees) you want to invest in your private or professional network activities. Basic rule: the more important it is Networkthe more resources you should invest.

Strategy 3: Make friends known to each other

Do you have people in your circle of acquaintances that you believe have something to say and benefit from each other? Then contact them. Communicate through social media and in conversation when one of your contacts has published or achieved something interesting: be it a book, an interview or an award (such as a prize).

This is how you make your acquaintance better known. With positive references to others and through active linking, you also make a positive contribution: they create a benefit for the participants and become visible as someone who likes to make others visible and uses them.

Strategy 4: Ask friends to introduce you to someone

This strategy works well even for high-ranking people, to which a large number of people go and the contacts are not quite stress-free. A mutual acquaintance or acquaintance works wonders here as a mediator.

You contribute to your success by thinking of getting a good start into the conversation. However, before you decide for yourself who you want to be introduced, who should present you this person and above all, what you promise.

Strategy 5: Be consistent

Good networks live above all on consistency. This means two things:

Strategy 6: Stay up to date

This strategy closes almost seamlessly with the previous one. Because if you want to be successful with continuity, you have to keep a regular record of the events:

Many experienced networkers use digital networks such as XING and LinkedIn. There are also many contact management programs and apps, as well eMailPrograms with contact management options that you can use.

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