In today's society, knowledge is constantly changing. The half-life of knowledge has decreased; there is no longer the classic school store of knowledge. lifetime Things to Learn is the motto. But what exactly should you learn?

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Why lifelong learning is important

Because of the constantly changing Working world and increased mechanization is currently and will be in the workforce Future the demand for the ability and willingness for lifelong learning.

This goes hand in hand with the fact that working people must remain increasingly able and willing to learn in order to participate in the added value of society: The company affiliation changes frequently (more), the Workplace is increasingly changed; Employed people should today fast be able to react to the changing demands of the labor market.

Education as human capital

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This requires employees who are flexible, willing to learn and competent to learn. To a certain extent, education is the human thing Capitalto survive in social competition on the labor market.

The level of education is decisive for “in which position individuals can establish themselves in the social structure of society” and what level of income they will achieve. But not everyone falls for learning light. They need outside nudges and help.

Teachers as learning process initiators

Teachers are learning process initiators: They prepare learning content didactically and methodically. To do this, they develop suitable learning arrangements with supporting work assignments. However, learning processes do not follow a specific pattern System and the same for every learner, but very individual and diverse.

The teacher should therefore not start from a “fictitious average learner”, but should focus more on the individual understanding and processing processes of the individual learner.

How can learning coaches help?

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By employing professional learning coaches, educational institutions can help make education more individual and diverse. Learners can design their learning process individually with the help of the learning coach, e.g. B.

Learning coaching: help for self-learning

In summary, this means that learners must be empowered to Reset to acquire and control their learning process independently.

These characteristics and abilities can be promoted and optimized in the context of learning coaching, especially as an explicit as well as conscious examination of one's own learning takes place here. As a result, learning coaching and counseling should be an integral part of education and school development.

What is a learning coaching?

The Lerncoach is a partner for the students, a sensitive listener who wants to get something out of the heads, rather than forcefully press it. He draws his authority from the fact that he does not appear authoritarian.

Because the student feels that he is respected and considered with interest, he answers in the same currency: with Respect and interest. When a student finds out why he wants to learn and how he does it best, he automatically becomes a better student.

Why a learning coaching?

From time to time, schools change their teaching structures in order to better prepare learners for current societal needs and conditions.

Individualized and internally differentiated learning opportunities as well as action-oriented lessons are intended to help learners to learn and act competently in order to optimally develop themselves professionally to qualify to be able to.

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