Good Employees It's hard to find – and so is keeping good employees. One of the decisive factors for a long-term and successful cooperation is above all the Motivation from the inside out, the so-called intrinsic motivation.

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What makes a good employee?

But what makes a good employee anyway? In addition to the skills, which vary depending on the job requirements, perseverance, motivation and determination on the part of the employee are immanent for the company's success.

Studies show that premiums and Money provide only limited motivation. Rather, the self-motivation the decisive and relevant driver. The successful completion of a task therefore depends on self-motivation, intrinsic motivation.

Gamification in employee motivation

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Your own claim to perform a particular task is a must. This knowledge is addressed, for example, by gamification platforms, which specialize in employee motivation.

Through this, employees are encouraged to not just make their own Set but also to work with enthusiasm on corporate goals. By means of playful challenges alone or with team members, the employee grows beyond himself. This not only contributes to the long-term success of the Company but also to a positive working atmosphere, which is also the case Customer perceives.

How Gamification works

Gamification is a trend that has found its way into many areas of everyday life in recent years. The Term Gamification derives from the English word "game" for "game" and includes the expansion of non-game context with playful elements.

The principle is already successfully and applied intensively in the sports and e-learning area. With the striving to constantly improve, the intrinsic motivation of the user increases: Ambition is aroused. A good reason to use this playful form of learning in everyday working life.

The 5 columns of the game

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Gamification is based on a total of five pillars:

  1. Information transparency,
  2. Real-time feedback,
  3. clear goals and rules,
  4. Personal responsibility and
  5. Challenge.

The player receives all relevant information necessary to reach the next level.

Feedback and fun at work

immediate Feedback motivates the player to tackle a task and stay on the ball until he has completed it. A certain number of sold Articles, a certain sales volume or a routine task, thanks to real-time feedback, the employee can see at a glance at any time what he is working towards and what contribution he is making to the overall goal. Based on the real-time evaluation, the user receives immediate feedback on their own performance.

More Fun at work through the meaningfulness of Tasks is the logical consequence. Who likes to work in the blue? It's in our nature that everyone SALE a reaction follows. And that was exactly our basic idea: the employees should see immediately what contribution they are making with their work and what added value they are generating for the company.

Strengthen the sense of responsibility of the employees

The sense of responsibility of the employees is awakened thanks to a free freedom of action and results in a positive increase in development as well as the active promotion of creativity and Team spirit. Due to new challenges, the employees constantly grow with their tasks.

Attractive working conditions are the basis of employee motivation, but a bonus in material form is only a short-term one Methodto increase this. However, it is sustainable recognition and the meaningfulness of one's own activity is also of great importance Significance. The employee should have the feeling that they are actually needed and that they can make a contribution to the company's success.

Motivated employees are dedicated and loyal

This contribution, even in the smallest sub-tasks, must be acknowledged. Direct feedback is recommended, which has a direct positive influence on the feeling of appreciation. In turn, social relationships and the sense of belonging are a feel-good factor in the job that should not be underestimated. Common goals also strengthen cohesion in the community Team.

Motivated employees are dedicated and loyal employees and are the key to the success of any company. Thanks to increased motivation, the team spirit and thus also the service is improved - at the same time increase from and Turnover.

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