NewWork is all the rage, but what about new payment models? In fact, voluntary additional benefits from employers are booming, especially in the New Economy. But do you have what it takes to be a real pay-Alternatives.

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Fringe benefits in NewWork - part of the employer branding strategy

Fringe benefits are gross wages and salaries in the form of benefits in kind. Especially with young, hip start-ups, they are often part of the personnel marketingStrategy. Just think of free food and drinks or company vacations with the entire workforce.

From this point of view, table tennis records are Fringe Benefits, because it is these Corporate often pay a little less in return. Therefore, fringe benefits always give rise to discussions, as they are often no more than a few well-intentioned favors, which ones Employees to keep them happy.

Payment model for a new work culture?

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Or are fringe benefits also an effective means of Motivation and employee loyalty that is definitely justified and fulfills its purpose?

Are they maybe even more, a new payment model for a new work culture, in which it is more and more about social interaction and self-fulfillment, a basic social income covers the most necessary and therefore hard currencies play an ever smaller role?

Disadvantages of fringe benefits

Fringe benefits are not uncommon here. But look more closely verlieren Fringe benefits when they become a habit fast an Effect. Dependency can also set in quickly; If they don't, frustration is the result and well-intentioned goodies quickly turn into disappointment. Generous fringe benefits can also lead to chair glue, for which such benefits have a greater Significance have than the achievement for business and job.

The main problem, however, is that fringe benefits rarely produce a demonstrable increase in motivation or performance. However, if chosen in a targeted and skilful manner, they can still motivate and positive have effects.

Everything, just no watering can, please

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Giving all employees an obligatory book voucher before Christmas has no effect. Fringe benefits should be tailored to the needs be tailored to employees.

The apprentice may appreciate a fitness subscription, older employees premium financing for professional prevention or flexible working time models for mothers with children. The cafeteria is suitable for thisSystem with a bouquet of different services for the most different needs and employee segments, which can be claimed individually.

Related to company culture and HR strategy

Fringe benefits should be an expression of corporate culture and personnel strategy and their values ​​and Set widerspiegeln and above all strength. If this is the case, it makes a company's culture and strategy more tangible and credible, which not only contributes to greater authenticity and a clear profile within the company, but also in employer branding.

For example, if a company provides the Work-Life-Balance at the center are measures such as sabbaticals, childbirth allowances, extended maternity leave, additional vacation weeks and paternity leave useful.

Communication with storytelling

Finge benefits should be regularly addressed and communicated. Why is a benefit set or a new one introduced, which strategy and goals are pursued, why one has decided for older employees for a particularly valuable Fringe Benefit and more.

Employee surveys are also useful, as they ensure that the needs of employees are oriented. Stories about fringe benefits in employee magazines, some interesting or humorous stories about benefit use at the Christmas party and video stories on the career website help to strengthen the Sustainability and emotional impact.

With fringe benefits in the heart of employees

Changing and target-group-related emotional fringe benefits, which also reach the families, children or life partners, for example, with emphasis on work-life balance, may have a particularly lasting effect as they go beyond the company and involve the life environment within and outside the company a great, often also social value.

Nursing leave for employees with elderly or sick family members is an example of fringe benefits that have a lasting effect with high Esteem to have.

It's about job and performance and not about vouchers

Im Marketing For a long time, giveaways and goodies were popular as gifts for new customers, until the question arose as to whether you could buy the product yourself customers is no longer interesting enough and you can really only convince new subscribers with a noble ballpoint pen, but no longer with the product.

The same is true for Fringe Benefits. In the end, neither the new smartphone nor the preferential interest rates for mortgages are the focus, but the challenges and perspectives, the superiors relationship, the appreciation of the work and a good working environment.

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