Credibility is one of the most important Basics for lasting success in business. And constant dripping wears away the stone. Will trust in one Company Shaken, losses are inevitable. It is therefore worthwhile to pay attention to a good reputation.

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Careless handling endangers the reputation

If the call is ruined, it lives completely unabashed - this unambiguously attributable to a quotient, but gladly used saying is unfortunately taken again and again verbatim. With a "certain" reputation is allegedly much easier.

Now it is rarely the intention to whistle at conventions, the Executives and also tempts employees to jeopardize the good reputation of the company. Rather, the danger lies in a certain thoughtlessness in dealing with it. However, once the credibility and thus the trust in a company has been damaged, losses are guaranteed. In the worst case, even existence can be endangered.

What does it take to be credible as a company and enjoy a good reputation in the long term?

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The reputation of a company, i.e. its reputation, is primarily a communicationDiscipline. In times of digital Communication there are particular dangers here. Everything has become extremely transparent. Hardly anything can be hidden.

Is a Customer even remotely dissatisfied or feels treated unfairly, he becomes his Opinions publish online. Another danger is the increasing personification. This means that if the CEO makes a communicative misstep, he suffers fast the entire company.

Take a close look at communication behavior

Many companies address this situation by increasing their communication efforts.

But that alone is not enough. Above all, you have to check whether and to what extent communication – and this applies above all to internal communication – has been neglected in recent years. Only then can you decide, where and in which area you have to apply the communication lever. It's all about content and weight.

Sense in the company as a basis

Talking about the current situation or writing it up in image brochures is no longer enough to strengthen your public image. Those in charge really(!) have to deal with people and their needs – with employees and customers. Everything that can be read in often meaningless mission statements for years must now really be lived.

Employees want to know what's going on. If you ignore this, your company will hit a wall in just a few years. Sense to offer is essential if you want real Performance expected. People want to work on something important and preferably on something unique. This is why it is so important that companies and managers are credible and have a good reputation.

Building a good reputation is a permanent task

More and more companies are experiencing that internals are leaking out and everything is immediately discussed on social media. You can't fool people that aren't really true. Each show element would sooner or later blow up - with devastating Effect. A good reputation can only be conveyed and anchored through continuous work.

So the entrepreneur in particular has to do the right things right. All this can and should with the right communication channel and in the right tonality authentic be communicated. Nevertheless, reputation is not just a matter of communication. Without the credible Personality of the entrepreneur it will not work.

Entrepreneurs have an exemplary function

Who as an entrepreneur klare values ​​and integrity that lives, communicates and is willing to enter into a dialogue with those around you is on the right track. Otherwise, the following applies: The entrepreneur must become even more aware of his own role model function.

It can no longer be distinguished between private and business activities, because everything is transparent and public. Entrepreneurs must be prepared to strategically develop their own communication to planto take an even clearer position, to communicate even more actively and to keep checking one's own reputation.

Meaningful work fulfilled

However, all employees play a part in the good reputation of a company. Her Satisfaction is a serious factor. Generation researchers agree that the new generations are asking more about meaning. Why should they do something five days every week of their lives that doesn't make sense and isn't fulfilling for them? Money alone will no longer suffice as bait.

So today we have to think about how we really want to work. Also the idea of ​​a Work-Life-Balance, in which one hundred percent working time is offset by total free time, has long since become obsolete. People want to be perceived holistically, in every relationship and at all times.

The positioning of many companies requires a readjustment

Process thinking still determines the approach very strongly. It is often tried to communicate the old with something different and maybe with some other tools and hopes to be "in" with it. But just because a company posts on Instagram, it's not a cool company yet.

Especially if the posting is like a press release with numbers, dates and facts. We live in a time when there are revolutionary changes. Thus, the positioning of many companies is at risk and requires a readjustment. You should take advantage of this opportunity and start thinking about what makes your own business. What sense, what added value it generates.

Reputation of entrepreneurs and companies are linked

Reputation is often only applied to the company. Some published good PRArticles But that alone is no longer enough today. Thanks to social media and the new transparency, not only every company, but above all every entrepreneur is on the presentation plate.

That's why you should get down to the reputation work of the entrepreneur or CEO as quickly as possible - in a planned, strategic and continuous manner. Most of the time we talk about great entrepreneurs but bad companies. But both are closely linked. Does the entrepreneur show the CourageTo put one's personality in front of one's own company, to stand up for it, the entire company can benefit from its good reputation.

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