Climate change is on the rise, hence this one Job really trendy. But what does an environmental verifier actually do and which ones Vocational Training is necessary?

Job profile! Environmental verifier: For nature protection against climate change

The trend towards nature and climate protection: More than Fridays for Future

Since 2000, the agroecologist and publicist Immo Lünzer has identified a "reformed neo-alternative movement" characterized by undogmatic types of consumption with often above-average Income There are the Lohas (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability), the Lovos (Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity), the Neo-Ecos, Utopians and finally Scuppies (Socially Conscious Upwardly mobile People). And you are all ready for healthy food from organic farming, low-emission living and ecological high-tech products. Because the new ecos see themselves as responsible do-gooders who are driven by consumer behavior and targeted product selection Health, social justice and Sustainability support financially. But, and she decides that clear from earlier generations of the environmental movement, they want to consciously enjoy and consume life at the same time.

So it's no wonder that the Turnover Organic food has been increasing steadily for years: In 1997 it was 1,48 billion euros a year, 10 years later the turnover has multiplied significantly and organic goods have long since reached a broad consumer group and today give the organic market an incredible share of the turnover in the entire food market. No wonder that the number of organic supermarkets and organicStartups steadily growing. But that's not all: the eco trend has now also reached the discount markets, which are offering more and more products in organic variations and at higher prices.

Eco is “in” - in all areas

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However, eco and organic are not only playing an increasingly important role in food, but more and more in all areas of our lives: green electricity, eco clothing, environmentally friendly cosmetic products, environmentally conscious living and environmentally friendly household appliances. Investors can your Money in ecological and sustainable investments invest and also find special financial advisors for this. Yes even in needebooks and chemical products, greening is not stopping, so-called white biotechnology is on the rise.

And there are clever ones ideas: So there is Companythat use nature's construction kit with proteins, bacteria or microorganisms in order to achieve great effects with small product improvements and thus develop detergent enzymes, for example, which allow many things to be washed at 40 ° C instead of 60 ° C. As a result, more than a million tons of CO2 can be saved in Germany every year.

Many experts even believe that in the future only products will be on the market Success will have who who needs of consumers according to social, ethical and ecological manufacturing conditions. This means that entrepreneurs who want to be successful in the market in the long term must follow these principles, regardless of the service they offer.

What does an environmental verifier actually do?

Environmental verifiers certify companies according to the European eco-auditSystem (EMAS) and draw up Expert reports on the quality of a company's so-called environmental performance. In addition, they can issue legally required test certificates in other areas of law, such as greenhouse gas emissions trading or end-of-life vehicle recycling.

Environmental experts assess the company's environmental management, the environment-related corporate policy (at the respective location) and the self-imposed environmental goals. In addition, they examine the internal environmental management system, the company's eco-controlling system and its environmental statement (this is a defined part of the eco-audit procedure). Environmental experts check whether the company's site-related environmental policy has been defined and whether it complies with the provisions of the European Eco-Audit Regulation (EMAS). In addition check whether the environmental audit was carried out in accordance with the regulations and whether the information in the environmental statement is reliable and corresponds to the specifications.

Finally, they check compliance with the relevant environmental regulations. They then confirm compliance with the relevant provisions in a test report. This is a prerequisite for being awarded the EMAS logo by the EU. In expert opinions, for example in emission and immission reports, they evaluate the measurable performance of a company's environmental management. In addition, environmental verifiers can customers Eg advice on efficient energy saving or waste management. In this case, however, the same company cannot be checked according to EMAS. Most often, environmental verifiers are specific Industries and thus specialized in operational environmental protection within these sectors.

Prerequisites, education and training

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In order to be able to carry out this activity, a university degree is usually required, especially in the fields of economics or administration, natural sciences or Technology, biological, agricultural, forestry or earth sciences, medicine or law. At least three years of self-reliant full-time work, during which practical knowledge of operational environmental protection has been acquired, is also required. According to the Environmental Audit Act (UAG), the specialist knowledge must also be proven.

Even with a technical college education qualification as a master or an equivalent license or recognition by a supreme federal or state authority or a body under public law and at least five years full-time Tasks in a management position or as a self-employed person, there are access opportunities.

In addition, you need a corresponding approval (accreditation in accordance with the EU Environmental Audit Regulation and the UAG) by the German Accreditation and Licensing Society for Environmental Assessors mbH (DAU) in accordance with the Environmental Audit Act. Further information is available from the Federal Association for Nature and Environmental Education eV or the European Network of Environmental Professionals.

Formalities and opportunities for setting up a business in brief

As an environmental verifier, you work as a freelance. This means that you only need a tax number from the tax office. A business registration is not required.

Whether Fridays for Future, climate change, wind and solar energy or organic food and fair trade: environmental issues are in Economy, politics and in the ordinary Everyday life more and more in our consciousness. While it used to be just a few strange-looking hippi types with a penchant for an alternative lifestyle and idealism for improving the world who advocated ecological products, today environmental awareness is a mass trend: if you want to be in, you're eco. So good chances for Peoplewho want to work in this field.

Even those who have successfully specialized in the field of environmental assessments are constantly faced with new challenges due to changes and innovations. The spectrum for this is broad and ranges from environmental law to environmental technology to quality management. A prerequisite for professional success is therefore to stay up to date with the latest developments and to continuously supplement, deepen and adapt your specialist knowledge to current developments. Improved environmental protection guidelines and new developments in environmental management are topics that environmental verifiers have to face again and again.

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