A CEO, managing director, director or company director is under constant observation today. Every “unfortunate” statement gets into all the media in no time at all. When a leader's reputation suffers, it suffers fast also that of the whole company.

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The CEO - face of the company

The strong personalization of Corporate is the phenomenon of our time. You want to know who is behind a company. You want to go with me People communicate and not neutrally with the company.

Everything becomes more transparent and personal. Is today a Customer not satisfied, he can detail this on Google. So if someone searches for us, they will not only find our website, but also comments from (hopefully) satisfied people customers. Special platforms even make it possible to evaluate companies in even more detail.

Target customers

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"No press is a good press" - this saying has long since ceased to apply. Everything can and will be discussed, assessed and often (prematurely) condemned online.

Not only the social media channels and news portals are involved, but also the classic print media, which are vehemently fighting for their circulation. But if the CEO's reputation suffers, the whole company suffers.

7 Tips for Leadership Brands:

So it's high time to look at the CEO's reputation and manage it.

1. The co-sponsoring society

Through increasing socialization on the Internet, people who otherwise do not meet communicate with each other. Anyone who does not agree with a company, a product, a service or even the statement of a CEO can "discuss" this with thousands of other people on the social media channels.

And the worse the reputation is, the faster people will find themselves verbally beating up on the company or its CEO. A frightening everyday picture!

2. New communication strategies

These facts create great difficulty for many companies. You are forced to give up yours Communication to be completely converted both internally and externally. A company today can no longer afford to neglect reputation management.

This must be integrated into the corporate strategy, just as the reputation of one's own CEO must be managed in a targeted manner. There is no such thing Alternatives!

3. Effect in the first place

Of course she has to Performance vote of a CEO. But what it's really about is his Effect. What effect he and his Behavior on the company and thus on the customers. But if you ask yourself the question in this context: “What are we going to focus on in training and Further Training trimmed?” Surprisingly, the answer is still: On performance and Reset!

As we see the resulting, hopefully positive Effect, however, presenting it in the best possible way, is usually not part of the curriculum. Nevertheless, the formula applies: effect + behavior + communication = reputation

4. Reputational care is work

Reputation maintenance begins with your own behavior and communication. And maintaining reputation is connected with work. The communication department can provide targeted support. But the main dynamic must always come from the CEO himself. In addition, the CEO always has to take the customer and employee perspective and wonder what expectations they have of him? He also has to “manage” these expectations.

For companies, bad perception of their CEO is more dangerous than poor performance. According to a study by Roland Berger of 2015, a bad impact in 71 percent of cases was the causal cause for a CEO's resignation and not his lack of performance.

5. The call is liable

This raises the legitimate question: As a CEO, do you only have to use your reputation for the company in the Eye keep? No, for sure not. Reputation is always something very personal. Therefore, of course, it is worth taking care of it for yourself. After all, reputation sticks and you take it with you – to other companies as well as to yours privacy.

Shop on the one hand, private life on the other – these can no longer be separated today. Especially not when it comes to a person's reputation.

6. Authenticity and integrity

Customers, but above all employees, want to know “what” a CEO stands for today. They want to know what drives him, what makes him tick and what he works for. Our values ​​correspond to our beliefs.

That's what we stand for, that's what we stand for. But with this common value-based mission alone, this can usually only be inadequately communicated. Authenticity and integrity are in demand and must be demonstrated and communicated in such a way that they arrive in the truest sense of the word.

7. As a CEO, you can experience it

A CEO is a human and not a neutral machine. Reputation management is about making our personal beliefs, attitudes and values ​​tangible.

The more clearly those around us can orientate themselves towards us, the more credible, reliable and trustworthy we are, which in turn strengthens our reputation. The fact is: “Without klare, values ​​communicated and made tangible, no stable, positive reputation.” hit here emotions once again pure factual communication.

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