straight boy Executives have to get the Respect their older colleagues to earn. These tips show you how to do this.

Young executives older employees: 3 tips to respect for new bosses

To give up or remain firm?

“Well, there was one Manager-Career to you?" a former teammate asked me boldly as we faced the Office met my superiors. I was extremely tense and about to give him the Opinions accept. But since I had just been promoted to manager - certainly not the best tactic.

The reason for my near-excitement: Said former team colleague had complained to my boss about me. But I was not aware of that in the way. How should I behave now? Giving up and letting the matter go, or going on the offensive?

Intermediate ability and empathy

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Those who lead must be the right ones in every situation Balance dominate – especially for Boy Executives initially unfamiliar and tricky: When is it usefulto give in? At which points, on the other hand, is more authoritarian action more expedient? Young leaders are permanently inside Konflikt.

If colleagues complain to their manager behind the manager's back, this lacks the necessary decency and respect. If there are complaints, then face to face. At this point, backing down and retreating would send the wrong signal. Therefore: calmly but firmly Conversation search.

Clear boundaries

Objective of entertainment should be, that Problem be resolved at a professional level. Therefore, ask briefly and concisely for the technical reason for the complaint, but always remain appreciative.

In addition, one should clear to indicate that this approach is in no way appropriate and will not be tolerated. It is then up to the manager to inform his or her own superior about the interview.

3 Tips for prospective executives

  1. React emphatically - as long as the complaints are brought up to you or the person responsible. Address the feelings of the person you are talking to and put yourself in their position: "I can understand that you are now disappointed or upset." Your counterpart feels understood and is more open to an objective description of the events and a constructive search for solutions.
  2. Extend your elbows when you are passed over or behind. In a short (!) One-on-one discussion with your colleague, you should clarify your point of view factually: You are the first point of contact for problems and issues that affect your area of ​​responsibility. Your body language and your eye contact must underline the urgency without being threatening. If your colleague does not follow this procedure in the future, you will speak to his boss - you should also communicate this clearly.
  3. Respond vigorously when complaints or criticism are made publicly. If you are criticized in a meeting that is unachievable or overdated, be courteous, but definitely, to discuss the topic at a different time. Hot discussions do not belong to the public!

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