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The credo of the modern service company

The attitude “Working hard brings Success" is widespread. For some it is the credo of the modern meritocracy, for others an almost religious mantra to balance karmic justice. But stop: You should also think about how you can improve your self-portrayal without becoming a gossip.

In any case, the following applies: This performance attitude is deeply anchored in our social, value and economic system. The catch is: Unfortunately, the equation doesn't work that simple. Because it is not just a matter of what you achieve - but also how others perceive your own performance and that it is seen at all.

What your boss sees - and what not

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Your Executive for example, does not see how you day in day out in the Office toil. On the contrary, he only perceives you as someone who looks annoyed in the Meeting squats and thinks that you must be a bad-tempered person. He takes good performance for granted.

Quite different with the colleagues who constantly report in the meeting about their good results: Colleagues and bosses consider such employees to be extremely committed and competently. Short: People are more inclined to believe what they hear and see; that may not always be fair, but that's how people tick.

Why it helps to master the art of self-expression

Therefore, as a professional, it is imperative that Art mastering self-marketing. Self marketing is in today Welt has become an important aspect of professional success. It's all about promoting yourself to increase visibility and create new opportunities. One of the most important components of effective self-marketing is the ability to Power and services confident and clear to explain.

But do those who are naturally outgoing and talkative have the upper hand when it comes to self-promotion? Are introverts at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing themselves? As individuals, we market ourselves all the time, be it to one job interview, a network event or in a social environment. However, some people are better at it than others, and the question arises: Do people who can speak well have the better cards when it comes to self-marketing?

Self-expression - the right mix makes it

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Of course, it is not always done with pure showing off. Smart bosses have long since recognized that many babblers and show-offers are just that: thin board drills with little behind them. And gradually also settles in Company the attitude by that a second look behind the facade can only be helpful.

Nevertheless: In the best case, both are correct – the self-portrayal and the associated performance. Because if you are not convinced of yourself, you will hardly be able to convince others. You don't have to get up Costs profiling others or constantly hugging the boss, simply being more convinced of your own good performance helps in many cases.

Every person has unique strengths

The ability to communicate effectively is undoubtedly a crucial skill in self-marketing, and public speakers often possess the gift of speech. you can one Audience bind and hers ideas clear and convincing forms. Communication However, this is not the only factor that contributes to successful self-marketing. It's also about being a personal Brand to create, to emphasize one's own strengths and Network build up.

But be careful: It is true that extroverts are generally more comfortable feelwhen speaking in public and that they find it easier to socialize and make small talk, but introverts also have unique strengths that they can leverage to effectively promote themselves. Introverts tend to be excellent listeners, which can be an advantage when it comes to dating needs potential customers or employer to understand. However, they also tend to be more thoughtful and brooding and at first glance find it difficult to do so.

10 Tips for better self-presentation

Therefore, instead of trying doggedly and at any price to achieve a certain level of performance, you should place more value on good communication and your own self-presentation and play to your own personal strengths. And that’s exactly why we have the following 10 tips to help you along the way:

  1. Develop Charisma: Without a fixed and motivating goal, your charisma and charisma will be lost.
  2. Pay attention to your life balance: Align your professional goals with your personal priorities in life.
  3. How does your boss benefit from your success? Be aware of your strengths, skills and the resulting benefits for your employer.
  4. Admit mistakes, accept help: Admitting mistakes is an important part of social skills. Of course, it is also important to learn from these mistakes.
  5. Don't be a know-it-all: Be critical, but remain open to good arguments and show a willingness to learn.
  6. Do not accept authoritarian behavior from superiors: Be true to yourself and do not accept a work environment that is characterized by fear and pressure.
  7. Use your attractiveness: Everyone is attractive in their own way and should also use this for their career.
  8. Only do what you really love to do: Professional success should be achieved with fun and ease, not with great difficulty.
  9. Stay authentic: Credibility means making the right decisions based on experience.
  10. Be an active interlocutor: Listen carefully, ask questions and read between the lines.

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