Products are constantly changing as the engine is fine-tuned. Possibly, albeit more rarely, must Strategy can also be changed, a so-called course correction can be made. The overriding vision, on the other hand, is rarely touched.

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When must the course be corrected?

Entrepreneurs do everything they can to get involved Startups years Objective bring to. Ever the setback is a chance to learn how best to get there. In reality, a startup is a hodgepodge of activities.

A lot happens at the same time: the engine runs smoothly, we win new ones customers and maintain the existing inventory; we fine-tune, try to improve product features, Marketing and to continually improve operations; and we steer our vehicle, must decidewhether and when a course correction might be advisable.

Balance challenges

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The challenge for an entrepreneur is to bring all these activities together and balance them. The smallest startup also faces the difficult task of supporting the existing customers technically and at the same time bringing innovations to the market.

Even established companies are faced with the need to Innovation zu invest, so as not to be considered obsolete. What changes in the growth phase is the mix of these activities in the work portfolio Company.

Entrepreneurship is management. But imagine a modern mana ger who has been entrusted with the task of incorporating a new product into the existing structures of an established company.

"We have achieved nothing"

Maybe after a year he will step in front of his CFO and confess: “Unfortunately, we have not achieved the growth targets we forecast. We have almost no new customers and sources of income. Nevertheless, we have learned a lot and are on the threshold of a groundbreaking new business. All we need is another year. ”

Typically, this would be the last report an intrapreneur makes to his employer. The inability to produce concrete results is most often attributed by management to poor planning or deficiencies Implementation returned.

The road to fame and wealth

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Both are among the serious omissions, but in ours today Economy it is precisely these stumbling blocks in new product development that pave the way to fame and wealth.

The lean startup movement takes into account that these in-house innovators are also entrepreneurs and that management that thinks and acts entrepreneurially is theirs Success can contribute.

5 Principles of the Lean Startup Method

I have on best of HR -® numerous contributions to Structure and how a lean start-up works. Now it's time to share the five principles behind the Lean StartupMethod are based on, finally explain again in an overview.

1. Entrepreneurs are everywhere

You don't have to start your business activities in a garage. The Term of the entrepreneur applies to anyone who works in a “startup”. I understand it to mean a human form of organization that has set itself the goal of creating new, innovative products and services under extremely uncertain conditions.

That means entrepreneurs are everywhere and the lean startup approach works well within an established company, regardless of size, sector or industry Industry.

2. Entrepreneurship is management

A startup is not just a product but an organization and therefore requires leadership skills tailored to the context of extreme uncertainty. The term "entrepreneur" should be used in all modern businesses whose future growth dependent on their innovative strength, be introduced as a job title.

3. Valid learning processes

Startups don't just exist to make products, Money zu to earn or to meet customer needs. Your real purpose in life is to learn how to build a viable business model.

These learning processes can be validated by ongoing experiments that help entrepreneurs verify each element of their business vision.

4. Build-measure-learn

The basic activity of a startup is to ideas into products, measure the reaction of customers and learn from it whether the chosen path should be continued or requires adjustments.

All successful startup processes should be designed to accelerate this feedback loop.

5. innovation balance

In order to improve the results of startup activities and to encourage entrepreneurs to take responsibility for themselves, we need to focus on the boring little things: measure success, establish milestones as milestones, Tasks the corresponding priorities to assign.

This requires startups and the people to whom they are accountable, a new way to keep track of the debit and credit book.

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