some Companys It is difficult to fill vacancies with suitable applicants - the lack of skilled workers is not always to blame. 5 tips on what you as a company can do to help Candidate to get sexier:


Places that have been vacant for six months

The issue of a shortage of skilled workers is always the subject of lively discussions. Some experts even ask: In the end, maybe we don't have a shortage of skilled workers at all? For every company that is desperately looking for suitable employees, this question must sound like mockery. But maybe they feel the same as one of ours customers:

We were commissioned by a medium-sized company to recruit a project management manager. The company had already published the vacancy for six months, but hardly received any applications, and the applications that had been received did not correspond to the ideas of the department.

The special challenges of medium-sized enterprises

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It should be noted that the client faces some challenges that many, especially SMEs, have:

When important information is missing

Right at the beginning was another Problem clear. In a telephone conversation with the HR manager fast clear that relevant information about the position is missing. At the on-site clarification meeting with the specialist department and HR department, we experienced what we also know from a large number of other processes:

Namely that the specialist department provides a broad requirement profile for the position and this is then reduced to a keyword list up to the job description, which means that important points are lost or missed Significance verlieren.

One hour time at the beginning saves 10 hours in the process

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Only together Conversation with all those responsible, the profile, the direction and the human factors could be clearly clarified. This is the only way to convey a complete and realistic picture to the applicant. Unfortunately, not every company takes the time for such a conversation. A good search should always start with a comprehensive recording.

In particular, because we experience again and again that personnel consultants are only commissioned by companies when the respective vacancies have not been filled for several months. This leads to the fact that the pressure of the specialist department, the position quickly with Candidates to occupy is enormous. An hour in the beginning saves 10 hours in the process.

When decisions are delayed

When we presented the first qualified candidates within four weeks through a broad-based search and direct contacts, we had to realize that others priorities were currently more important and a Feedback the decision-makers had to wait weeks.

The subsequent application interviews should also be delayed by three weeks later. At that time, the company had only two available from the possible five candidates.

What frustrates qualified candidates

The other qualified candidates had meanwhile signed an employment contract with other companies. One of the remaining candidates for the position could be won, but the question of whether processes have to be so lengthy will remain.

1. Sex Sells!

How much sex appeal has the job? The stress curve lies between desire and reality. Do not spread expectations that can not be kept. The disappointment about the fact that the job advertisement differs too much from the actual daily business can hardly be absorbed.

Tip: But do not put up any dissuasive requirement catalogs. We experience again and again that it is the extremes that dominate. - Create a healthy mix. Look at the job from the outside and work out what makes the position attractive.

2. Quality is achieved through coordination

Requirement profiles that are not up-to-date, that are not in line with the market, that have not been reconciled between the specialist and HR departments, cost important time.

Tip: Take the time and prior to the publication of job advertisements, get in touch with the department head and, if necessary, with the respective team members, in order to clarify the professional and above all the human requirements for the candidate. But also take a look at the current market conditions.

3. Structure ensures your recruitment process

A lack of time planning and missing structures in the recruiting process not only lead to applicants, not even through automated ones Emails, about receiving her Application be informed. But also to ensure that applicants can not find out whether they are one step further in the recruitment process due to too long feedback times, only after weeks.

After this time, the job interviews are often even longer in coming. qualified Employeeswho are actively looking for a new job are often no longer available by then.

Tip: Implement a recruitment process with clearly defined times, which include both feedback, deadlines for the next process steps, as well as deadlines for a plan B, if the vacancy can not be occupied by the company itself in order to pre-empt financial impact.

4. Recruitment standards

Many companies miss qualified candidates because of careless mistakes in Curriculum vitae can be found because the photo was taken poorly or because the red thread is not immediately recognizable.

Terrifying, considering that many of these points can be dispelled by a short phone call.

Tip: Take the time for your future colleagues and give them to your candidates as well awareness that you expect from you. Reconsider whether your recruiting standards are still up to date.

5. Don'ts in the interview

Job Interviewthat are not on eye level are conducted, can quickly lead to his rejection by the applicant.

Dept. of departmental departments, which only cut down on professional facts, and people who take the well-known standard questions, leave the impression of a good team with the least qualified candidates who would like to work together in the long term.

Tip: The applicant market has changed, candidates should no longer have to present themselves to companies. Rather, an open discussion should be held with the candidates in order to Personality to identify a candidate. At the same time, an interview at eye level offers the company the opportunity to make a good impression even with candidates who are rejected.


Through a qualitative acceptance of the candidate profile, both from a professional and a human point of view, through a focused search process across a wide variety of channels and through a tight application process, you will be able to fill almost all positions promptly.

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