If only the cerebral, number-fixated managers would finally understand this: People prefer to let them through emotions seduce than through factual representations, a jumble of numbers and sober facts. Only good feelings really get our will going.


Showing emotions is like putting blinkers

“Now don't get so emotional right away. We can't afford to have feelings here," he says Meeting. Emotions are frowned upon in management circles. They are negated wherever possible. There doesn't seem to be much room for it, especially on the executive floor. They waft there above all. Status symbols, excesses of power, trench warfare and cocky behavior speak for themselves. The leaders in particular are controlled far less rationally than it first appears. And that's good too.

Because showing feelings is like putting indicators so that everyone knows which way to go. Incidentally, the US scientist and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman has experimentally proven that it is not those who come up with the best arguments who gain the sovereignty of interpretation, but those who trigger emotions and tell the most coherent story. So the true professional brings his message not about a jumble of numbers, but about well-chosen examples and clever metaphors.

Emotions always have priority in the brain

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Only backwoodsmen today can seriously der Opinions be, emotions in management correspond to a lack of professionalism. This myth dates back to the time when industrial manufacturing processes used REFA-Zand even talking in factories was banned. You only saw the time that a chat during working hours (supposedly) costs, but not the buoyancy that such a thing brings.

Neuroresearch using brain scans has long since scientifically proven that emotions have priority in our brain. Not only are they present in all decisions, they are the driving force behind them. The kind of emotions that eventually make us one decision move, like depending on the type of person, gender and Age to be different. But not a single decision can be made without emotions.

Reason in acting without feelings is not possible

Without feelings, rational action is not even possible. For what happens behind the more or less closed doors of the subconscious mind at lightning speed and without our intervention, we seek only in the end a reasoning that seems plausible to ourselves and others. Ergo: Man makes decisions emotionally - and then justifies them rationally.

The true cerebral power center is the limbic System. This older and deeper in the brain Structure has a much greater impact on our Behavior than our large or thinking brain, the neocortex. In this way, every experience made is marked with emotions. Positive markers tell us what to keep doing, and negative markers tell us what not to do. Emotions are therefore control instruments.

Pokerface managers are resource destroyers

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Still, it's amazing how cool and unemotional managers often are act want. Especially in meetings, tie wearers like to show a mask of indifference and indifference: their poker face. Okay, a poker face is vital in the game of poker - and in bad corporate cultures too. But in contact with employees it is deadly. People want and need to know how the person who is their leader is doing. Because your own fate depends on it.

Poker face managers are Energy-Robber. They drain everyone around them and drain them like vampires. So it comes that in poker face-Companys everything seems so bloodless. A lack of emotion makes people unapproachable – and above all unpredictable. That's where doubts win fast the upper hand. In this way, the wildest speculations soon arise in the empty space of a lack of emotional information.

Sovereignty and charisma instead of brooding

Some brains are incredibly good at imagining the worst, even on seemingly insignificant occasions: “He didn't say anything about my work. He sure found her bad, but wanted to spare me because he thinks I'm hypersensitive. Or he wants to get rid of me and that's why he's so distant. ” Better to save your people from such troublesome broodings.

Showing feelings makes you vulnerable, but it also makes you free. Only the conscious handling of one's own feelings ensures authenticity. And this in turn is the prerequisite for sovereignty and Charisma. Will Courage has to get his emotions moving, he also manages to move others - and ultimately to convince them. Because he arouses sympathy.

Get out of the black box of emotional neutrality

A friend is easier to follow than an enemy. And if we like someone, then we are much more willing to go to meet him. In other words, while dashboards and fully-fledged powerpoints are popular, it is extremely unprofessional to want others to win over them. And beguiling people with cold facts and bare facts is not only difficult but almost impossible.

So get out of the black box of your emotional neutrality and allow yourself, even in it Business to show emotions. The best way to reach others is to reveal something about yourself. And we like people who show they like us. Above all positive It is important to share moments of joy and pride. Because every form of experienced safe interpersonal Resonance nourishes ours intrinsic Motivation. And only then can itself creativity really unfold.

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