Authority can be combined with niceness and sympathy. These are not opposites. How exactly does this alleged contradiction work?

Leadership Management by Buddy: Authority despite niceness

Good leadership combines authority and niceness

First, one has to understand: authority and niceness are not opposites. Although that's often the case. And it is precisely these supposed opposites that have to be united.

Because good ones Guide works exactly like this: it combines authority and kindness. So if you are striving for good leadership, you should deal with this topic. To do this, however, it is relevant to be clear about the three types of authority.

What three types of authority are there?

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  1. Authority by office - that is the authority of a superior
  2. Authority by virtue of knowledge - that is the coryphae in her compartment
  3. Authority-force personality - there is no need for an office or an expert status

The three types of authority are compatible; that is, a luminary, too Executive can be and still Charisma and enjoys recognition as a person. The most valuable authority is the power of personality.

Through appearance and personality convincing

An office can be taken again, the Koryphäe is only relevant in its department. However, anyone with perseverance and personality can convince people everywhere.

Whoever is sympathetic, the world is open to it. Whoever has to lead (or better) must also have a method of supporting people and doing the right thing. Pressure leads to back pressure and is certainly not the right way.

Rhetorical optimization needs recognize and act

Instead, it is a matter of personality and its development. In my view, this includes the communicative and rhetorical abilities.

And there it is for many in trouble. Mostly, most of all, those who do not care much about it. I notice that in my seminars and coachings.

haughtiness comes before the event

Those who understand the importance of this topic don't just come to me or mine colleagues, they have been working on their skills for a while and have long since reached a certain level.

Those who overestimate themselves in this regard believe that they are good enough or do not see the need (“It depends on the what, not on the how”) and think they do not have to improve anything.

The development of rhetorical skills means personal development

rhetoric doesn’t just mean being able to give speeches. Rhetoric is the work on body language, voice and manner of speaking, expression and language.

In that sense, the development of rhetorical skills is real personality development and the best way is a sense of the right appearance and the right words.

It depends on the "HOW"

If you want to have a good AND a functioning connection to your employees, you need these skills. Because in addition to sympathy, he plays Respect an important role in gaining and conveying this authority.

And Respect Above all, we have role models and people who appear confident. And the latter, in turn, is something that employees notice in every aspect of the appearance. Is it a mock security that sometimes comes across as too harsh or even arrogant?

Sympathy and respect are not contradictions

Or is there someone to his words and understands these thoughts so that the employees can accept them and make them theirs.

Sympathy and respect are not contradictions. With an eloquent appearance and a confident personality, you will win your employees by virtue of their personality.

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