In the case of feedback with positive and negative content, you have a great responsibility here, which you as a professional have to face to a special degree. Do you really have to say everything?


Feedback and leadership

“It is best to ask frequently how the employees are doing, and take note of the answer graciously and inconclusive. And if you want or need to tell your people something, just state it Feedback. You mustn't pretend! Because they have learned that they have to accept feedback. The seminars are worth it! "

Like any Definition our preferred definition also focuses on such a complex topic. This perspective is very result-oriented and a manager must always put up with the question of what would be different if they did not take their role.

What brings leadership?

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Which is the benefit brought by their Guide is created? Why and how is the performance of the Employees from durch Executive better? When employees express with a gasp that they should just let them work in peace, then it could be exciting to find this benefit.

When employees with enthusiasm and perseverance with a boss clear perform better than with another boss (under comparable conditions), then there is probably such a benefit.

In the event of conflicts, you should always ask yourself what you absolutely have to tell whom and what you can simply leave out. Because an essential part of this performance-enhancing culture is the feedback culture that enables, maintains and promotes a manager. But that's really how this culture is useful?

Resonance Feedback

The leaders ideally follows Daniel Goleman's famous quote:

“We consider intellect and the ability to think clearly to be essential requirements for a leadership position. But intellect alone does not make a good leader. Executives Realize a vision by motivating, directing, inspiring, listening to and persuading your employees – and above all by creating resonance.”
Resonance feedback is one of the means to generate and use this resonance, and thus a central management instrument.

Separate feedback and rating?

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The naive conclusion is: "Then let's just separate feedback and evaluation!". However, this is one Idea, whose Implementation is simply impossible. Of course, when giving feedback, you talk about perceptions you have and not about them Personality of the other. Only the separation is in Head of the feedback recipient is often not so easy.

We assume that you refrain from any interpretation of the personality ("You are so!") And only represent your perception. However, this can become blurred in the feedback recipient's head. You cannot avoid responsibility for the feedback you give.

Attention, greatness!

The greatest dangers here, of course, lie in the megalomania of the feedback giver, who may be overestimating himself, in receipts and all statements ("They are always like this ...").

Ultimately, the only thing that helps here – completely unromantic and unsatisfactory for the pragmatist – is diligence. The Socratic sieves, which you will encounter in more detail in the following section, are a good heuristic for the Everyday life.

12 Tips for your feedback during the day of leadership

For the professional context in leadership as well as in training, we would like to give you a set of Ask offer, which one can face beyond any particularly responsible feedback. The answers are subject to your personal assessment.

  1. Is the situation appropriate for this feedback? Do I have enough time and am I the right person for it?
  2. Is there someone who could possibly better place this feedback? Does the relationship between me and the feedback taker fit the content of the feedback?
  3. Why does it urge me to get rid of the feedback? (Is it perhaps more the pressure of the Senftube than the expected resonance?)
  4. Will the feedback recipient want to know the content of the feedback? Would you like to know the content of the feedback in its place?
  5. Will the feedback recipient be able to do anything with the feedback? Can you help him with this?
    Can you adequately indicate that this is your perception and not the truth?
  6. What consequences might this feedback have? Also on your relationship with the feedback?
  7. What is the appropriate dose?
  8. What if you DO NOT give the feedback?
  9. Is the feedback recipient likely to be hurt? How to deal with this?
  10. Can the feedback recipient decide in advance whether he would like to talk about this feedback, or do they have to betray it? In this case, do you suppose that he / she would like to know or rather not?
  11. What impact will the feedback have on your relationship with the feedback provider?
  12. To what extent does hierarchical gravity speed up feedback? Can you reduce this?

Please, no psychogeschwafel!

The right feedback at the right time can make a huge difference. But it can also be very harmful. The only Solution is diligence: With great power comes great responsibility.

Salutary feedback from the relevant psycho-book (preferred at the station kiosk) with unnatural expressions can sound hollow and they are thereby deprived of their effectiveness.

Whenever your employees suspect that you are saying something in a certain way because you were at the seminar, you will devalue the feedback and possibly the seminar (in case it was a good seminar).

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