self-confidence is extremely important to successfully to be. If you don't have it, it's best to pretend. 8 tips on how to do it.

Be self-confident & calm in difficult situations: 8 tips for the right overview

We assume the worst. It's better this way

a lot of People lacks self-confidence. We can complain about that. However, it is better to ask yourself: why act we are weak at all in certain situations and why do we let ourselves go when all Eyes pointed at us, notice our weak knees and unsteady stutters?

Because we imagine the worst from the start: "I can't do that, it will go wrong, I don't want to now"... Why don't we just tell ourselves the opposite?

You will be treated like you are

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Because the way you present yourself is how you will be treated: “Behave like the boss and you will be treated like the boss” – quite simply. And nobody has to be in a good mood and mood for that. A firm handshake, a nice smile, a klare Pronunciation – anyone can do that, definitely.

Sure, bad mood, a bad feeling, you can see that light at. But you can also train feelings, regularly and effectively! In this way you can gradually learn to consciously call up your desire feeling - at any time.

Successive approximation

The whole thing has the nice name “successive approximation” and is easier than it sounds: remember your last successful performance. Was it the last rehearsal presentation in front of your partner or your last best manRede?

And then you ask yourself, "Why did you feel sovereign? What did you think and feel then? What did the good mood do to you? What did you feel after the successful performance? Review these situations - step by step!

8 tips for self-confidently keeping track of all situations in life

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Be superior. But not at any price: According to Prof. Dr. Frick, Zurich developmental psychologist, sovereign people exude a certain independence and mental independence, especially when it is critical.

The projector falls out during the presentation, the computer crashes with unprotected data, or the caffeedurstigen Schwiegger parents are unannounced at the door (of course, the coffee is empty!).

1. Be sovereign, even if I do not feel like it

And yet they keep an overview even in such situations, keep calm, defuse the situation and "pull themselves together".

They stay sober instead of getting hectic, they search Solutions instead of looking for culprits, they're humorous instead of guilty. By the way, this also works if you are not in a good mood at the moment.

2. Be sovereign like a politician

In this regard, one can learn a lesson from many politicians: Unter sovereignty it is not for nothing that legal science understands the ability of a natural or legal person to exercise exclusive legal self-determination.

In Germany in particular, sovereignty is important politically: federalism, which was enshrined in the Basic Law in Germany, grants our 16 federal states a high degree of statehood.

3. Sovereign is a healthy self-confidence

But back to the topic: Although arrogance and arrogance seem intimidatingly sovereign to many people, these qualities have nothing to do with real sovereignty, on the contrary:

sovereign is someone who has a healthy level of self-confidence and is neither arrogant nor presumptuous about knowing and being able to do a lot. Sovereignty is an outward expression of an inner attitude. So you should always ask yourself: How do I actually come across?

4. Sovereignty comes from within

Sovereign are often not the conspicuous people who clatter, cartwheel and throw confetti the loudest, Money for the smartest car and the smartest suit and seem to have mastered one thing: Career close.

The toughest people in the highest positions often give in to difficult situations. Problems are passed on to others and should be solved by them. Big mouth, nothing behind it. And it is precisely then that it becomes clear that sovereignty comes from within.

5. Controlling emotions in stressful situations

That one is insecure and little confident feels, by the way, often affects, but by no means only Women. I have therefore written in great detail about Just how women can make themselves stronger: Just talk to one another!

Does the Executive a huge stain on the tie and the boss a monstrous run in stocking, both can not just blow off the next appointment. You still have to be sovereign!

6. Focus and control

And that's quite easy: focus and check collect your feelings in stressful situations positive Thoughts against tricky situations and put you in a good mood even if you're not.

The principle: “pretend”. It doesn't matter how bad your mood is, yours Objective must be: Nobody notices it. Manage your emotions and thoughts easily yourself.

7. Use emotions positively

Elsewhere I have described quite extensively, why feelings sometimes get in the way of business life - eg also and especially in important negotiations and how we can still use them positively.

Denn: Ask Don't you sometimes wonder why your boss would rather hire the tough blonde than the much more intelligent little gray mouse? Better the arrogant suit than the ambitious glasses wearer. Why is that?

8. Success is effect

The answer is simple: because nowadays no more Intelligence and Expertise decide, rather Effect! Success is effect - sounds sad, but that's how it is.

But what if you're not blessed with natural beauty and a healthy self-esteem? If the rousing Lecture who not only repeatedly lifts the boss, but also ourselves out of our shoes?

Conclusion: shine with self-confidence and sovereignty even in tricky situations

Such experiences only intimidate us more, us feel us insecure, inexperienced, incompetent and helpless. How can that guy in the suit talk so posh over there? Nobody understands even a word. Why is the nervous lady tugging at your dress the whole time during your presentation?

You want to cancel the important appointment because you feel very bad and unprepared? It is quite easy, even in tricky situations with a successful appearance to shine - even if you have zero buck on it. The 16 tips above have shown you how to do it! And now it's your turn to do that.

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