How do you find a job when it fast should go? The ultimate guide to finding a job in the next 30 days.

Apply & find a job in 30 days: CV Cover letter Interview for those in a hurry

Find a job in 30 days - how does it work?

Watch out, time is running out now! Do you want to find a job in the next 30 days? Everyone has to start somewhere, and even under normal circumstances it is not always easy to find the best job posting.

However, the challenge becomes much greater when - for whatever reason - you have limited time. Not only do you have to sift through tons of job offers, you also need an impressive one Curriculum vitae and an excellent application. Here are some tips for successful applications.

1. Know what to look for

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The first step is to know what you are looking for. Because there are innumerable search engines and directories for the job hunt, and many of them tell you how to find a job. While this is helpful, sometimes it can be difficult to know what to look for.

2. The importance of networks: Make targeted use of social contacts

Just when you don't have much time is Networking more importantly, make contacts Peoplethat you know and like. Before you apply, look for professionals who you know can help you and get in touch with them.

Websites like Xing, Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook are the best source to get in touch with people you might want to work with. -If you are really interested in something specific, get in touch with them. Ask you if you in her Company can come by. Don't just apply for every job you see.

3. Write a compelling résumé

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Everything has to be just right, especially when things have to be done quickly. Before you apply, make sure your resume is up to date! Make it visually appealing by making good use of the white space and adjusting the font size.

Use your first line to impress: This is the first thing a recruiter will read, and it's important to get it right. Provide your location and title, then get straight to the point. Explain your role and skills and impress your potential employer. Make sure for surethat you use your CV to showcase your skills and experience.

4. Certificates and references

However, you should not only impress with your CV, but also be able to prove this with appropriate references. Use testimonials to show how you made a difference. Use one Combination of testimonials and bullet points to keep your resume short and concise.

Include a sentence from one person and a few bullet points from another. Make sure your resume includes a copy of your degree. Your employer will want to see your Study completed.

5. Emphasize your skills

While most companies today are looking for people who have strong technical skills, there are also many companies looking for people who have "soft" skills, such as Teamwork or communication skills.

In these cases, companies are looking for people who have a “general Deselect” in a certain area. For this reason, you should emphasize these skills rather than your technical knowledge in your application. Especially if you plan to freelance part-time, you should be able to explain what you can and can't do.

6. Make the application portfolio appealing

When applying, it is important that you properly compile the application documents with personnel applications - a so-called application folder. Whether print or digital is irrelevant.

You have to create the application folder yourself. Even if time is of the essence, you should avoid hiring a ghostwriter or application service provider. You should find out beforehand what exactly should be included in the application folder so that you can send an appealing application.

7. Your cover letter: How can you stand out in a positive way?

In addition to the right application folder, you also need the right one Write to on the subject. You should be clear about what you should say in your application, because you want to stand out positively with it.

Your cover letter should be one page long or split into two parts. Use appropriate fonts, colors, and line spacing. The size of the font and the layout of the cover letter should look good.

But how do you make the cover letter appealing in terms of content? The fact is, a good cover letter gives you the confidence you need to write your qualifications present in a professional manner. Think about what you want to say and how you can help a company. However, she should not use stereotypes in order to give the best possible impression. Be consistent in what you say authenticAfter all, you don't want to pretend later in the job either.

8. Use an online form

You can apply to your desired job by Online-Apply form? Great, then do that. Sure, this can take a few minutes, sometimes even a few hours. But online forms in particular give you the opportunity to tailor your cover letter and CV to the desired position.

Include your current position, relevant skills and achievements, and show why you are suitable for the position. A good cover letter gives you the confidence you need to present your qualifications in a professional manner. The company's website will usually ask for details about your experience. So don't be afraid to share your experience, even if you've worked for less than a year. Simply state what you did in your previous job and what skills you have acquired. But don't be too specific!

9. Be available

It sounds absurd at first glance, but it should be said again because the (involuntary) ghosting through Candidate happens again and again: You should also for the Communication Be reachable by the employer of your choice. For example, you need a eMail-Address if you are applying for a job or a postal address for more traditional companies. This is your contact address for your employer in Spe.

So make sure that you always post, eMail and telephone are available and companies can contact the right address. You can work with an auto-responder when you are absent, but it is better not to use it.

10. Before the interview

Before you go to one job interview you should prepare yourself accordingly or perhaps even complete appropriate communication training.

Be prepared to take test procedures and explain your wishes, hobbies and skills to potential employers.

Conclusion: Don't let the short time put you under pressure

In this Article were the steps explains what you need to do before applying for a job. You should go through most of these steps in the run-up to an application, before you even deal with your CV. This is a good exercise and makes sure you don't overlook any of the steps and the best and most efficient Technology apply to your job search.

Don't let the shortness of time put you under pressure. Especially when you have the work experience and the passion, you deserve to work in a great company. Therefore, do not accept the first offer that comes up, but keep looking until you find the position that really suits you.

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