According to Donald Trump, the political experts observed very closely how the so-called “populists” perform. In view of the risk, our citizens sometimes simply lack the words.

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Differentiation instead of simple solutions

Too many immigrants or place for more, says nothing about the right measure. What can not be communicated simply has no chance - neither in politics nor in the electorate.

The consultants agree: just simple ones Solutions can be sell. Differentiation is punished - at the latest on election day. Striking black and white painting sells better than subtle tone-on-tone portraits.

No words of clarity

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falls Choice once not as the politicians would like, it is said, “the message just don't be clear enough has been communicated. "

No wonder, though - after all, you can not communicate clearly if there are no words of clarity. However, these are difficult to find - in exceptional circumstances.

The voice of the people

Populists like to try the “voice of the people”, in order to achieve this in the election. Simple ideas can simply be better sell. At least at first glance. Because the time for simple solutions is long gone.

The Problems of World cannot be solved with simple means, not even if it is supposedly easier to wrap them up in tweets. The interrelationships are now far too complex, and the challenges far too global.

Who wants to be average?

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Sometimes you really get the impression that only extremes count. The norm is rarely given the floor - in the truest sense: low temperatures are called cold, warm temperatures heat.

Between? Is there nothing! At least not a common word, which says when it is pleasantly tempered. Why? Even if, as with pleasant temperatures, our well-being is pleased - who wants to be already average. In real life, it matters to be faster or better.

The world of language

We live in the communication age and are not able to communicate with each other in such a way that we can communicate differently. A relic from a time when language communication did not yet have the importance as today.

At the time of the origin of our language the relations were much clearer. Most of the time it was simply about survival. A mechanism which, if we look at populism, still seems to work.

Help everyday communication to new fame

"How old are you?" or what jung are you?" we like to ask. But is there something in between? "How many years do you have?", maybe? No real Alternatives. So we're either old or young. Too bad actually! Basically you just have to invent new words.

And maybe that would be a meaningful political program: The averageity, which we denounce, but still appreciate for us as a secure way of life, to make socially acceptable and help her with everyday communication to new fame.

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