Company are in transition. This demands daily not to remain in old patterns of thinking and behavior, but fast to make new decisions, but above all to take action. Because: without Implementation no Success!

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Managers do not do their job justice

Executives usually approach the necessary change with great commitment and agility - but the bitter reality catches up with them faster than expected: they fail in the implementation. Instead of supporting and relieving their employees in a targeted manner, they put additional strain on them, to practice pressure, demanding instead of promoting. A symbiosis of Tasks-/Process orientation and people orientation as well as empathy as a lever for sustainable results and mutual success.

But the reality is different: Permanent overload in day-to-day business leaves no time to think and to Planning and implementation of strategic future projects. This overstraining of managers inevitably leads to overstraining Employees due to more and more tasks, too many unclear specifications and a permanent change of the priorities.

Only lip service

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Executives fail to implement goals, strategies, projects because the focus is on "must" instead of "can - may - will" and they do not manage to make employees involved as involved.

And all this in a time that is characterized by dynamism, speed, complexity, shareholder value and the demand for agile Methods. Missing leadership coaching as a core competency and that Deselect to the crucial methods, managers cannot motivate their employees to move. change and implementation – and do it on your own responsibility – remain lip service.

Pick up staff, take people

Obstacles, the so-called SAU traps ( take the momentum away from them. Above all, they forget the crucial point: picking up the employees. But leading means: The People take away in the area. This is the only way to achieve excellent results.

Implementation often fails because employees, managers or project managers do not continuously work on improving or renewing it. They remain in Status quo. Projects fail, stuck ones Set are not reached. No wonder, after all, today the focus is more on the goal than the human factor.

5 symptoms in the corporate environment

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From an economic point of view, in most cases this not only leads to none Solution, but even to paralysis. There are also disruptive technologies and the much-described VUCAWorld: Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity characterize our existence – both privately and professionally.

International competition is constantly increasing. Innovation cycles are getting shorter. Globalization and digitization are progressing. Due to increasing speed and increased intensity of pressure and Stress the incidence of illness increases. Discussions with managing directors, personnel developers and employees show the following symptoms:

  1. Loyalty decreases: Both employee and employer loyalty declines. This can be clearly seen in current developments such as spin-offs and agency work, changes in the workplace and the discussion about the home office.
  2. Strategies fail: There is an increased failure of goals and strategies. Instead of a culture of implementation, companies usually have a culture of excuses! As a result, fewer and fewer results are achieved that bring the company forward at the necessary high speed.
  3. Pressure grows: Pressure and stress increase, which contributes to discomfort for many employees, and often leads to burnout. The employees clearly feel that there is a lack of support on the part of the company or executives.
  4. Time is missing: Executives are very busy with themselves. They have a huge amount of work to do and not least due to digitization a lot of administrative tasks. Constantly new processes, controlling etc. - there is no time left to fulfill the most important task of a manager: to lead people - as a management coach.
  5. No solution: There is a lack of a solution that companies and people can use to master this change effectively. The variety of tools and methods confuses more than it helps. There are no instruments that really focus on employees as human beings in a continuous change process, so that they are permanently taken on and motivated.

A new behavior is needed

If we want to achieve something – something new at that – we need implementation skills. We have a wish, a vision, a goal - and one Strategy shall lead us there. Sometimes this can be done with relatively little effort, sometimes we have to clear try harder.

Because in order to get into the implementation, we often have no choice but to change our behavior. A big challenge for us humans. Also because change is accompanied by a high degree of self-discipline. This and the will to achieve the goal, but then almost automatically lead to a consistent self-control.

Intervention, if necessary

Important in connection with implementation in companies: If people have this self-control, they need less Motivation from the outside, because they have it practically in them.

Which makes it much easier for managers. Guide then means simply accompanying the natural process and intervening on a case-by-case basis if necessary.

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