Corporate success and employee satisfaction are closely related. The management, in turn, has various control options to satisfaction its Employees to be able to steer. This is one of the most important factors salary represents


Dilemma between short- and long-term company success

The primary one Objective of every rationally acting management is basically the increase of your own business success. One is faced with the dilemma that on the one hand the stakeholders expect the highest possible profits in the short term, if necessary by reducing personnel expenses.

On the other hand, results from work research over the past decades have clearly shown that the success of a company is sometimes in the medium to long term clear on the satisfaction of the employees, which in turn can depend on the remuneration. So the management has to decide, whether every additional euro in the workforce brings at least the same amount of funds back into the coffers in the long term.

Data analysis via employer ratings

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In order to be able to find a satisfactory answer to this question, investigations into the relationship between employee satisfaction and salary can decision making support. Various measurement methods are available for this purpose. One of them is, for example, the evaluation of the data material of the ratings anonymously submitted on employer rating portals. They collect data on satisfaction across a variety of factors including salary and spiegeln thus excellently reflects the values ​​required for the measurement in relation to the overall satisfaction.

For the study carried out, the data material from the German-language employer evaluation portal was used, which has been anonymously recording employee reviews since 2006. The calculation of the correlation coefficient was chosen as a statistical measurement method to check the connection between the overall evaluation and the assessment of the salary factor. If the correlation coefficient is +1, there is a visibly positive relationship, but if it is at -1, there is a clearly negative relationship. A value around 0 would again suggest that there is no connection at all.

Salary influences employee satisfaction

The calculation of the correlation coefficient between the salary and the overall evaluation resulted in a value of 2006 for the period from 2015 to 0,724 – which speaks for a recognizable connection. Accordingly, the appreciation for the Workplace and have a significant influence on employee satisfaction overall through the level of remuneration.

This is confirmed by a direct survey conducted by the users of the evaluation portal in the second quarter of 2015. These indicated that 35% of them can be positively influenced by the salary. Further 32% confirmed that their satisfaction with the workplace is noticeable on the salary. Added to this are 18%, which partly see a link between their workplace satisfaction and the salary level. Only 15% stated that they can be influenced only marginally or not at all by the amount of the wage.

How can company success be managed?

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From the findings gained, further questions arise which are necessary for an effective management of the company's success. In follow-up studies, it is now necessary to analyze which salary levels promise the highest satisfaction, and whether, in addition to the salary, other factors have a possibly greater control effect.

In a study published earlier, we had already determined that the management of the supervisor's staff could have an even greater influence. The correlation coefficient between leadership style and overall assessment was 0,847, which is above that of salary. A family or cooperative style of leadership was identified as much more effective than an authoritarian management.

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