Students no longer have time to study science fundamentally, says Georgia Trimceski, and wants to help with Mentorium. Be Company offers a full service for students - and GZSZ star Susan Sideropoulos advertises as a testimonial for it.

Susan Sideropoulos

Students: Just too little time

Georgia Trimceski, Founder and managing director of Mentorium GmbH, studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and worked for many years as a freelance lecturer and specialist mentor for mathematics at various universities. "It struck me early on that Boy Scientists at universities are often not adequately prepared. the actual Things to Learn, the understanding of the content does not take place in the lectures, but in the exercises afterwards,” says the graduate engineer.

With the switch to bachelor's and master's degreeCourses, the need for additional offers has even increased. “Nowadays, students have less time to reflect on themselves, their interests and specialist areas Study to be found,” criticizes Trimceski. "And then they have a bachelor's degree, but they don't even know what they really want to do," he said in the consultingEveryday life observed.

Young scientists unlearn scientific work

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Trimceski has found that the basic techniques of scientific work are often not dealt with, mostly due to a lack of time: “Nowadays, students have to complete numerous exams and homework in a very short time. And they probably don't feel that scientific techniques really help them with that," explains the Mentorium founder. The result: Instead of dealing with one thing thoroughly and acquiring a secure foundation, the students jump from one to-do to the next in order to complete their list as much as possible fast to tick off.

"Once this kind of work has gotten used to it, it is difficult to change it again," explains Trimceski and wants to remedy the situation with his offer: Mentorium supports students with bachelor and master theses as well as with homework and seminar papers. Students in all subjects can use our services throughout their studies, right through to graduation and doctoral studies, ”explains the entrepreneur, explaining the uniqueness of his offer.

Make a difference with a suitable offer

The spectrum from scientific proofreading or proofreading to formatting and plagiarism testing up to the linguistic, formal and graphical fine-tuning of the work. The analysis of statistical data as well as translations and transcriptions are also part of the service.

The texts are not only checked for linguistic correctness but also for the appropriate scientific Style checked towards. In the case of duplication of content, for example, synonyms are suggested. And in the end, the student receives various proofreading versions of the text and the Feedback of the lecturer.

A strict system ensures quality selection among the editors, that's only five percent of the Candidate exist at all: "All of them have a scientific background, the translators and scientific editors are native speakers," says Trimceski, who now has over 80 permanent and freelancers Employees employed.

“We advise, but do not take the pressure off the students”

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Mentorium expressly does not offer ghostwriting, as Trimceski emphasizes: “This is not only illegal, it also creates unwanted dependencies among students. I therefore strongly advise against using such dubious services, ”he explains emphatically and does clearhow important an advisory role is:

"We advise and comment on mistakes, but we don't do the writing for the students, we just give tips on what they can do differently." This is a work simplification, but at the same time a Coaching, says Trimceski: “Of course we relieve the students of work, but we also get feedback that they have now better understood how scientific work works. And especially with the final theses, we ensure a certain guarantee of success. "


Since not all students can afford comprehensive proofreading, Mentorium annually awards 36 of its own scholarships to students and doctoral candidates for the supervision of their theses. Other grants are sponsored by committed companies.

“Many students work alongside their studies to finance themselves. In the last phase of their studies, in which the thesis has to be written, the time for a student job is often no longer available. Here we want to relieve students and support them with our scholarships, ”explains Georgia Trimceski. Funded students receive academic proofreading, professional formatting and a plagiarism check.

Advertise with Susan Sideropoulos and free eBooks

For the Future Trimceski, who was able to win GZSZ star Susan Sideropoulos as a testimonial for his company, is planning to expand his service to an all-round service in matters of study:

“Right now we have a free one eBook 'Scientific work' published, which is offered as a PDF file, Apple iBook, Amazon Kindle. We then want to fully support students with various services from the first semester to graduation. The need is definitely there and we don't just have the right one Concept, but also the experienced experts in Team. "

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