The Online-Commerce is allegedly digging up the water for brick-and-mortar shops. But this can help with targeted measures customers encourage people to shop more often in local specialty stores. 3 tips help traders and sellers with the customer retention.

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Customer enthusiasm in the shop: create special experiences

So a local shop, the classic brick-and-mortar store, is a great opportunity for customers and business owners to rediscover the love of buying and selling together. Because true desire to buy arises locally. This has long since discovered Internet giants such as Amazon with their local shops.

Because a shop has many advantages: It is the place where the objects of desire can be seen in real life, where they can be tried on and tried on and a personal one Consulting is offered and the cheapest price does not always have to be the decisive purchase criterion. However, traders working on this ways want to win even more desired customers, do a lot more so that customers keep coming back to the store.

3 tips to turn customers into fans

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In addition to "minus customers" who will never buy in the store but only want to look around there, the loyal "plus customers" form the basis for success in retail sales. The large number, however, are the "plus-minus customers" who only arrive on site decide, where to buy. And that is exactly what needs to be achieved. 3 tips:

1. Inspire with pleasure in doing

Orientation giving is one of the most important today Tasks of the specialist trade. committed Seller provide clarity in the oversupply of products by providing a personal product express. This is what differentiates the local shopping experience from impersonal online retail. curiosity about the People, who hides behind the customer, and to explore or even intuitively sense their wishes is a basic requirement for the salesperson – the mandatory.

Part of the freestyle is to provide aha moments. For example with storytelling: telling good stories about the product, the shop or even the life story of the owner emotions. Vivid, lively demonstrations, a nice compliment, a small gift or a spontaneous Fun – all this ensures a good mood and lasting positive Reminders for the customer and the seller, who also prevents the sales routine. It should not be forgotten that in digital times only those in a good mood Customer also a good rating in Internet will be left.

2. Happy customers need happy sales people

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The own Motivation, i.e. a positive attitude towards life and work, spiegelt reflected in sales success. Business owners and sellers need to be aware and believe that they are doing a valuable job in helping customers make a difference klare and good decision hold true. From the satisfaction after a purchase, a long-term trusting relationship can grow.

In addition to the happy experiences of enthusiastic customers, salespeople should also ensure that their happy account is filled again and again. Just an exchange of ideas with customers and colleagues without time pressure often opens up completely new perspectives. A conscious further development brings new impulses and changes the way of thinking. A nice ritual, how you can end the day together as a sales team or start the following day, is a joint positive check: "What did we experience nice today?" or "What went particularly well in sales today?" This Ask a salesperson can ask and answer this anew every day in their personal success diary.

3. Customers are only human

Before making a purchase, the Internet is regularly consulted. Customers are often better informed than some salespeople. But none Anxiety: Because customers who enter a store with this digital pre-purchase expect additional orientation and a final decision-making aid. The motto is: Research Online, Buy Offline! Want Employees If you then don't "patronize" the buyer because you're afraid of pushing him to make a – maybe wrong – decision, that's the wrong one Strategy. A purchase recommendation based on a good needs analysis and on the basis of professional competence and empathy can hardly be wrong.

Rather, it is wrong for the seller to be stingy with his personal assessment, because that does not convey any security. However, by encouraging the purchase decision, quite for sure (new) customers are gained. Theft of advice is also widespread and feared. But shopkeepers don't have to just accept it. If you notice that the customer is hesitating, address it in a friendly manner: “You are just photographing our bestseller. What questions can I answer for you about this?” Even a courageous question like: “What does it depend on when and where you buy?” often brings further insights quite simply. And many a customer who was still undecided made his purchase decision on site.

Conclusion: to offer customers a special experience

Today's customer is spoiled. And the more affluent he is, the more he searches for the extraordinary. In committed brick-and-mortar retail he can Esteem, shopping variety and shopping experience in equal measure.

This is where business owners and sellers direct their focus and their whole Energy to go from person to person with joy sell. This is exactly what makes physical stores unique and essential. long live happy Sales at the local store!

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