You always reach the Turnoveryou need? One every year, reliably increase of three or four percent? Good for you. That means you're on solid ground, solid midfield. But not anymore.

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The internal thermostat regulates the turnover

I always find it amazing how many Company, how many Seller manage to make exactly the sales they absolutely need to survive.

No less, but no more. They create it under the most difficult market conditions - and even if the market offers huge opportunities. Sales growth remains the same. As uniform as the room temperature.

What is the thermostat effect?

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That's what I call the thermostat effect. If you have set the thermostat to 21 ° C in winter, then that is the room temperature. Yes, clear: not always. You ventilate and the temperature drops to 18 ° C.

The heating then runs at full speed until it reaches 21 °C again. When the sun hits the window, the temperature sometimes rises to 24 °C. Then the thermostat controls it Performance the heating down until the temperature levels off again at 21 °C.

Why we always have the same result

The interesting thing is: Such a thermostat is also in our heads! He ensures that our results always stay at the same level. Incidentally, this applies not only in sales, but in all areas of life.

If a man who has had 30 kg overweight for many years is dietary and 30 kg decreases, then he weighs in 99 percent of the cases one or two years later just as much as at the beginning. At all events, if he does not fundamentally change his nutritional and exercise habits. And that's the least they do.

It is as if an internal thermostat is set to “30 kg overweight”. Thousands of diet guides and slimming products survive on the market because this effect guarantees them a never-ending target group.

Why Lotto millionaires are again broke

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The thermostat effect is also the reason why most lottery millionaires have nothing left of their winnings after two years. Or even over the neck in dept put. They may have landed a one-off coup, but they never learned how to do it Money to deal with

Your inner thermostat is not set to “millionaire”, but to “broke”. So they squander the profit. They put him in dubious ventures and end up with a huge mountain of debt.

We can not get out of our skin

Incidentally, the thermostat effect also works in reverse. A colleague told me about an interesting Lecture tells, with whom she was the other day.

The lecturer used to be a successful entrepreneur, then he left and became a mendicant monk. In the meantime he organizes a union of mendicant monks and gives lectures about it. So much for begging. Be Head-Thermostat is clearly still set to “Entrepreneur”.

Always below the limit

And now you're going to transfer it! Also, as a seller, you unconsciously do just as much to achieve what you have always achieved. You go to your limit - and then stay there.

I find this highly interesting: If the market situation is critical and all have to struggle, then the sellers are strictly like the Ironman. If the market situation becomes favorable again, they relax. As a result, they always stay on the same level, regardless of what is happening around them. And are not aware of this.

Precipitation and The Fear of Failure

You put your Set as you think it is realistic, maybe a bit higher, because you want to develop further. But by no means so high that you have to seriously fear that you will fail in your goal.

And what happens? You reach your goal. Great. But you do not reach any more. How then? You set your pace so that you have a point landing at the end of the year. And if you arrive at your destination sooner? Then celebrate. Give yourself a break. In other words, they stop.

Our experiences are not carved in stone

And the next year it will continue like this: You derive which sales you consider feasible from the sales you have made in the last few years. It's a normal thinking mechanism: People learn from the past for the present and Future.

This is also useful. Only thanks to this effect can you be rational at all to plan. And yes, it's reasonable to assume that you're in a similar environment and with the same Methods achieve similar successes as before. But who says you can't change your methods? Or that the general conditions are carved in granite?

Where did the faiths come from?

But where do these beliefs come from? How does the idea of ​​what works and what doesn't work come to mind? The answer is simple: from experience. As a rule, the beliefs come from your superiors or your more experienced colleagues. You typically hear sentences like:

Well-intentioned tips that limit thinking

And so on. behaviors of customers, the chances of success of sales techniques, the potential of the areas, the possible turnover - there are already experiences on everything that the old hands pass on to you. And which you gratefully accept. - With the best of intentions.

But these well-intentioned tips can fast limit your thinking. Namely when you don't see them as experiences, but as truths. There are beliefs that Boy Sellers take over unknowingly. And they provide a perception filter:

From the perception filter to the self-fulfilling prophecy

Whoever thinks that Kaltakquise does not bring anything, only the unsuccessful calls registered. And after the first unsuccessful attempt, he gave up again. In this way the prejudice becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy:

If you think you can't do something, you don't even try. who thinks that a Customer is a C customer dedicates less to him awareness and thereby also takes the opportunity to achieve higher deals with this customer.

Get rid of prejudices

But if you believe that something works, you can achieve tremendous success. And can expose supposed “experience values” as myths. So: Get rid of the thermostat in your head. You can only get started once you have done this.

This idea may be frightening at the beginning. The thermostat not only prevents you from lifting, but also protects you from the crash. He who does not dare not win - but he does not lose either.

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