A great Idea have, set up a start-up, just get started - that's the idea of ​​many Founder. But on the sometimes rocky road to Success many other factors are also important, a good idea alone is not enough. 10 tips for founders at a glance.

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General tips

  1. The idea: It always starts with a good idea, ideally one that solves an existing problem. At Caryaa, the question was “Where to go to Tegel Airport by car without paying overpriced parking fees?” Our solution: Customers leave their vehicle at the terminal in the hands of a Caryaa employee who parked it in a secure and protected parking garage near the airport. After the customer's return flight, the Caryaa employee is already expecting the customer with the vehicle at the terminal.
  2. Legal and tax consulting: But a good idea alone is not enough; you have to know much more about things like taxes, law and medicine or seek advice from a specialist. Cooperation with reliable legal and tax advisors is important. And when making important decisions, you should get used to getting a second opinion - ideally that of an expert - even if it takes a little more time. This approach shows various options and reduces possible risks.
  3. Contracts: Proper contracts with service providers, suppliers and partners are essential. It is true that in the case of the founders, the financial resources for a specialist attorney may be scarce, but a bad contract can pose a high risk. As an example, software contracts must explicitly clarify the source rights.

Project Management and IT

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  1. Project Management: Project management is essential and requires a lot of discipline. This includes at least one
    Time, budget and content target planning. Because weaknesses and risks only appear during planning
    on. It is to be followed consistently, adjusted on a weekly basis and the course of action carried out
    to define concrete measures. A plan is only good if it remains flexible and has fallback
    Solutions considered. In addition to optimism, a healthy dose of distrust is also helpful.
  2. IT: Nowadays, IT has become an indispensable part of any corporate area. In the
    Team building should always include an IT expert when setting up a company. Besides the usual
    Computer and network tasks, the website is vital. If also sold online
    IT professional is a must to consider aspects like Google ranking and SEO right from the start. Usually so many changes and changes occur during the development of the website
    Adjustments to (e.g. voucher campaigns, text adjustments) that it is usually no longer
    expects to obtain the IT services from an external service provider.

Team and supporters

  1. Networking: As a founder, you should be prepared for the fact that the supporting core team will meet up several times
    can change. Everyone is hoping for a quick and great success - if then, for example, the
    But bank financing takes much longer than planned, so you need a lot of patience. the
    Maintaining contacts with acquaintances and interested parties as well as placing job advertisements are
    essential to form a committed and qualified team.
  2. Embed the team: Service providers and consultants want to help start-ups, but they also want to make money. Ever
    The further the employees and service providers are from the founder, the less they will be for the company
    Burning start-up idea. Therefore you should try to have committed supporters in your own team
    to involve.

PR, marketing, sales, function and pricing

  1. Note lead time: Founders are often concerned about presenting their idea to the market too early - maybe it still is
    not fully developed or imitation to be feared. However, PR and marketing take a lot
    Lead time before they can be implemented and the carefully selected measures take effect.
    In addition to technical innovation, the distribution of a product is often the core of everyone
    Establishment. If the founder is not an outspoken salesperson, he should definitely have one
    Hire qualified and reliable salespeople.
  2. Advertising on a small budget: If you have a small budget, I recommend starting with a small target group and small turnover
    then call up the funds for further development on the basis of initial customer feedback.
    Nowadays customers want to participate in the development and become loyal customers or “fans”.
    It is particularly important not to make promises that cannot be kept. The market
    Otherwise demands the promise and does not accept a partial solution.
  3. Pricing: The pricing decides on quick, but also sustainable market success. A new and unknown product should not be too early about too low prices or too high discounts
    Attract attention. The risk is high that once the market has accepted low prices
    cannot be increased again without problems. In that case it is better to look from above
    approach and start temporary discount campaigns.

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