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Learn resilience & mental strength, find inner peace & serenity through mindfulness, more success & gain personal power.

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Authors & Editors: Simone Janson (ed.), complete list of authors in the excerpt of the book.
Output: 2020 in 1st edition, 2024 in 4rd edition, Verlag Best of HR –​®, Düsseldorf, on request can be ordered here with the workbook or as a print edition.
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In the 4th, completely revised edition of this groundbreaking guide, published by an award-winning publisher, renowned experts (overview in the book preview) come together Background with an interactive AI. This unique one Combination decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology enable you to master challenges on a whole new level. Thanks to the innovative information transfer, complemented by personal experiences of success, you can achieve your goals and exploit your full potential.

Because what's the saying? Faith moves mountains. However, who is currently deeply frustrated by job and Everyday life or you can no longer get out of brooding, these words appear to you fast like pure mockery. In doing so, you become aware of negative thoughts check and gradually get rid of it. who his Perspektive and changes his or her attitude towards something, you will quickly notice how your own perception and thus the thing itself change for the better. How to use positive Psychology, mindfulness and the right beliefs resilience develop and become strong Personality become, shows this book.

The publisher was awarded the Global Business Award as Publisher of the Year for its “Information on demand” concept and received state funding. He is also a partner of the Federal Ministry of Education. The goal is to provide you with the best possible content on topics such as Career, Finance, management, Recruiting or psychology goes far beyond the static nature of traditional books:

The interactive AI Extended Books not only provide you with AI-optimized content in multiple languages ​​based on data analysis, but also enable you to create individual Ask and get advice on your personal interests. In each book you will find detailed explanations and application examples that will make it easier for you to use AI successfully. You can use AI software, download eCourses, work with workbooks or exchange ideas with an active community virtually free of charge. This gives you valuable resources that enhance your knowledge increase, the creativity stimulate, make your personal and professional goals achievable and make successes tangible.

Expertise and technical innovation go hand in hand because we take responsibility for providing well-founded and well-researched content as well as that Trustthat you put in us very seriously. Thanks to the unique combination of human expertise and innovation, we can publish works that meet your needs in every respect.

What's more, we want to offer you the opportunity to make your journey to personal growth and success even more memorable. Because we know that true change not only takes place in the head, but above all through personal experience and application. That's why we have designed special successful travel experiences for you to match each book. So get inspired to take your life to a whole new level.

You can also do good by buying the books: The publisher commits around 5 percent of the income from book sales to socially relevant social or sustainable projects. This is how we donate scholarships or support innovative ones ideas and climate protection initiatives. Publisher Simone Janson is also a best-selling author and one of the 10 most important German bloggers according to the Blogger Relevance Index. She was also a columnist and author for renowned media such as WELT, Wirtschaftswoche or ZEIT - more about her in Wikipedia, among others.

10 Reviews for Say yes! Motivation Positive Thinking & Psychology

  1. Manuela F. (Verified) -

    Good information

    The book contains good information and is easy to understand. It shows different ways to think more positively and gives tips for everyday life. The book is useful for everyone. It is not only worth knowing in theory, it also helps to put one or the other into practice.

  2. Martin Schroeder (Verified) -

    Nice book

    Very helpful book. Have more positive thinking now. this reading was very helpful to me.

  3. Erich (Verified) -

    Great suggestions to direct your point of view in the positive

    The book gives helpful, practical tips to discard negative thought patterns and replace them with new, positive thoughts. I haven't quite got to the end of the book, but I can already say that I have already been able to incorporate some food for thought into my life. Super!!

  4. Angela (Verified) -

    written easy to understand ...

    The book gives people a good incentive to rethink their own ways of thinking. It gives good tips on how to turn negative thoughts into positive thinking. Very nice book.

  5. nour aldabaa (Verified) -

    Big book.

    The book contains good and easy to understand information The book offers useful and practical tips for getting rid of negative thought patterns and replacing them with new ideas Offers a lot of guidance for thinking about how to deal with things I highly recommend it, especially for people who need motivation .

  6. drhellinyourface (Verified) -

    Great book!

    I've read a few books on the subject and think it's worth the money. There are some great tips and approaches in it that I really like. No big talk about the bush. I like it.

  7. seunglee (Verified) -

    Really motivates

    I was just in a psychological low due to the Corona crisis. In the e-book “Say Yes! Motivation Positive Thinking & Psychology ”I was able to take away a lot of positive impulses. I have learned for myself to think more positively and can thus go through life happier.

  8. Mandy (Verified) -

    Great to read

    Great book, it's just a shame that you can only read it online and cannot order it as a normal book.

  9. Bianca (Verified) -


    Very interesting. A positive approach has become more difficult or difficult for many people. Other perspectives and the necessary motivation are missing far too much, nice to know that something is being stimulated here.

  10. Sarina Sagittarius (Verified) -

    Serenity and positive attitude

    I think it's a great book for in between. It is very easy to read with short sections! A friend recommended this book to me because I tend to get too upset about little things at times. This book gives a lot of food for thought, how one can approach things more calmly with small “changes” in the mindset. Highly recommended for people who need a little motivation boost.

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