Because you go everywhere with you People have to do are the resistors and the approaches to overcoming and circumventing them are very similar. How do you deal with it or how do you do it change easier for yourself and others?


Overcoming your own resistance

First of all, it is about overcoming your own resistance: As already mentioned, the decisionBringing about change is just the beginning of a process that may end up somewhere completely different than you thought.

Stures Holding on a once-bumped path without consideration for losses can lead to complete projects.

The Dale Carenegie Method

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High self-motivation is not given to everyone. In any case, it is worth taking into consideration the benefits and advantages that the planned or desired change entails with the above-mentioned fears and resistances.

The sum of the positive aspects should of course clear be greater than the sum of the negatives. Since it is extremely difficult to quantify qualitative aspects, I propose a variation of the Dale Carenegie method on the bouquet of flowers risks apply and thereby the subjective feeling of Anxiety to put into perspective.

Away with the difusen threats

You only need 2 for this Ask to answer (preferably in writing):

  1. What is the worst thing that can happen to you?
  2. How likely is it that this result occurs?

The advantage is that diffuse ideas now have a name and a threat index, which makes them easier to handle.

Fallback solution

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If you have a special security need, setting up a fallback solution can be helpful. You are designing the change process in such a way that you have the possibility to cancel the process at a few risk points.

This can include a certain financial reserve that gives you enough breathing room to rebuild after a “false start”. ordnen. This can be an option on a job you can pursue if for example your freelance Projects unexpectedly went badly. By the way, under certain circumstances it can be very useful and be energy-saving find a suitable one Training to get involved who accompanies their own change process.

Resistances in your environment

If you have no resistance or you have overcome it, do not rejoice too soon; Your private and professional environment has even more of it. When in doubt, have it next to friends and Family in the company with most likely three hierarchical levels and plenty of people to do:

Your colleagues, your Employees, your superiors, suppliers, internal like Accounting or controlling and external customers. You can already see from this list where the resistance can come from. What helps: Good arguments.

Search the dialogue

In principle nothing new: Write down on what and how you want to achieve it. Written formulations are usually preceded by an intensive examination of the question and a structuring of the question. Anyone who has images and visions and can put them into words (also understandable for others) usually knows better where he wants to and can explain to the others.

This is exactly where the rabbit is often in the pepper: you not only have to want something yourself, but also communicate with others. For example, the people who are affected.

Who will take part in the change?

These are the people who are close to you, who have to go along with the change. Uncertainty and uncertainty arise from unclear, incomprehensible, contradictory, or simply false information.

In the next stage, skepticism, fear of and arise Resistance against the change. Communication also means dialogue; you should face this in this context.

Properly communicate - but how?

A possible Idea Improving communication in the business environment is the use of one Company-Wiki in which all relevant information is currently stored. All employees can call up and store information there, ask and answer questions.

Such an openness in turn means a change within a process of change and must be lived with a long breath across all hierarchical levels.

Speak in pictures

Say what you do and how you do it; and do what you said and how you said you would do it. authenticity and commitment. There is nothing to add at this point. Draw a picture of the target situation and speak it emotions of those involved

A quote attributed to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry says: "If you want to build a ship, do not drum up men to get wood, to prepare tools, Tasks to forgive and to divide up the work, but teach men to long for the vast, endless sea.” Point.

Use questions as opportunities

Skepticism can help to re-examine the process, reinvent it, or even question it. Skeptical questions are designed to help you better understand and optimize your project.

If you can answer the questions, it shows that you have precise ideas about your project. If not, these are very annoying questions at first. If you're asking a factual question negative reacting, this can be an indication that you have not thought through or considered exactly this point. The question hit the (sore) point.

There are no legal restrictions on your change requests ways stand? Congratulations, that's a lot easier. Or not again: Because it is almost exclusively the people who take care of the resistance. Alone or as a group. And if necessary pulls others back with them – like crayfish. Let's start with that Solution so on your own doorstep.

Your own fear

However: A good idea and a good plan of action for Implementation is (only) half the battle. The idea is 1%, the implementation is the remaining 99%. If you live more or less as a hermit, it will be easier for you than if you lived in the Society or are firmly integrated or "settled" in your environment.

A good idea and a good action plan for implementation is (only) half the battle. The idea is 1%, the implementation is the remaining 99%. If you live more or less as a hermit, it will be easier for you than if you are firmly integrated or “settled” in society or in your environment.

Stuck in the comfort zone

Probably one of the greatest individual resistances is fear: the fear of failure with all possible and impossible horror scenarios from physical suffering to financial ruin. But also the fear of it Success and how to deal with it eventually means resistance.

These fears can encourage staying in the comfort zone. Anyone who then fears making themselves the laughing stock of people and is already planning what it's like to move to another country under a foreign name is clearly using too much Energy in these webs and in an avoidance of change.

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