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I studied Modern and Contemporary History in Munich and Edinburgh with minors in Political Science and Medieval History and then as a scholar Employees at the Deutsches Museum Technology– and specialized in the history of science.

The destination was the museum

During my doctorate, I actually wanted to start my professional career in the technology museum landscape Future find. Luckily that didn't work! Instead, I initially have a job as Information Researcher at a medium-sized company Company accepted, which soon turned out to be a patent researcher position. This opened up a completely new field of activity for me via the back door, namely patents.

During my years as a researcher, I intensively dealt with the patent system in general and at the end of time I wrote my first patent applications and worked as a patent manager (advising the inventors and decision makers in the field of patent law) CompanyDefinition of registration strategies, preparation of instructions for external patent attorneys, etc.).

Working in a patent attorney's office

Today I work in a small, but very fine patent law firm, Beckord undtchen in Holzkirchen, Bavaria. I learn a lot of new things there and meanwhile I work out patent applications for well-known companies and answer test reports. My “writing training” from the Study enormously. In contrast to many engineers and natural scientists, who normally bustle about in the patent system, I practiced writing during my studies - as well as the structured structuring of texts.

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Of course, I lack a technical/scientific background, which I had not acquired during my specialization in the history of technology. requirement is in mine Job for sure the ability to familiarize yourself with technical contexts again and again. However, it is only slightly different for me than patent attorneys with a technical/scientific background: On the one hand, I have the advantage that I have worked as a "border crosser" at an interface of many sciences (history, engineering, natural sciences, sociology, etc.).

Diverse field of application

On the other hand, the field of application of patent attorneys is so versatile that you can get to know a wide variety of technologies and to work on these fields of technology so that trained engineers always have to work in the border areas of their field of expertise. Technologies that I use to write patents range from large-scale technical devices to control processes to small electrical appliances, mechanical superstructures, printing technologies, radio technologies and many more.

And every day there is something new! The Tasks do a lot Fun, but I also receive excellent support and training in my law firm, the position is very versatile and varied, and I often have an insight into other companies because it's best for me to look at the inventions directly on site. I can't complain about the salary either: the payment is naturally based on engineers' salaries, and it is also taken into account that the patent system requires additional qualifications that only a few engineers have: but many humanities scholars just do!

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The patent attorney is possible

I consider my perspective as a “patent officer” to be very good: I am certainly well placed and sought after on the job market. Unfortunately, I cannot call myself a “patent engineer” because I do not have the engineering title.

That's the job title that any patent professional would immediately associate with, but patent attorney is now a fairly well-known one too Term. Whether I can Stress do and still try to become a patent attorney, I don't know yet. Theoretically it is possible, but only after 10 years of professional experience under the supervision of a patent attorney.

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