The maker develops Strategies and plans, motivated People to the active Engagement, supports her at work, at Things to Learn and promotes their further development. But a doer is also automatically a leaders?


The leader

Although the maker controls, sets Set into action, prevails. He's the problem solver impeller and the one who specifies the key figures.

And in Company The archetype of the creator fills the management positions on the most different levels. But a doer is far from being a leader.

Where do we find the qualities of the maker?

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Of course, managing directors, heads of departments, and masters have a lot of skills, otherwise they would not occupy these positions, at least not long. Many engineers, salespeople, marketing specialists, artists and politicians have a lot to offer.

They make a difference, are active out of themselves, of their own accord. These qualities are found in families Mother or father. The big brothers often develop these qualities particularly early on. They lead the way, incite and inspire their siblings.

The Great Mistake Mistake

Wait a minute, you might be thinking, these are qualities of a leader! Exactly this is a great error that is in our Society has spread.

For our Western understanding, leaders are those who storm in the first place, govern everything and determine it through this activity, through goals and control over others.

Real leadership, the development of meaning, often comes too short

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Because we do that for Guide hold and raise to a leadership cliché, the real leadership, namely the development of meaning, building trust and influencing the social system, is usually neglected. We complain about that too.

We feel this lack of leadership, although or precisely because the World is full of activities in terms of the archetypal doer. We have a misconception of what leadership is, believing that it is aimed directly at day-to-day activities. But that's the archetype of the maker.

The important doer role

The maker is very important in all our social systems. If it is not occupied or deficient, the development stagnates.

Without makers there would be no beautiful houses, no modern cars, no full ones Shops, no health system, no functioning schools. The creators ensure that families have a good home, there is always food on the table, the TV works and Facebook grows.

Light and shadow are close together

Their activities also create conflicts. They enforce their goals and their will in any case and even accept wars in extreme cases.

In none of the archetypal roles are light and shadow as close together as the creator's. Here is the comparison with the hammer, with which you can build a house or kill someone in a very clear way.

Beware of the tendency to forced

Individuals who are predominantly in the making of creativity - this can be done by the possession of a certain, responsible position or by a personal inclination to the activity, perhaps even to the exercise of power - most likely in perfectionism.

Doers also cause conflicts

For them, there is an acute risk of growing together with their role sovereignty zu verlieren and to only act compulsively in all areas.

They are always at least 100 percent and demand the same from their fellow human beings. They have no ear for the 80 percentIdeauntil they collapse themselves. For them, the occasional assumption of the archetypal role of the collaborator would be advisable.

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