Are we on Facebook and Twitter naked in public? Or are social media appearances purely self-portrayals like in Hollywood?

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Authenticity in social media: story of a Swabian prank

The story begins like a real Swabian prank - and shows once again that social media in particular is often not what was planned Strategy leads to success, but the innovative Idea, authentic Appear  – and just be good at what you do.

Or as Uwe Knaus, Daimler's blog manager, appropriately tweeted yesterday: "Just heard: Anyone who is able Regulate breaking smart will end up successfully be. - Of a HR by the way.

How to hijack a media account

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Two Boy Men from Schwäbisch Hall and Heilbronn began tweeting with a lot of hooting under the ZDF-ONLINE account. And, as they charmingly tell in the video, because the account was simply missing. So they did it themselves!

And very well: ZDFonline reacts to Criticism, says thanks for positive Resonance, helps further Ask to the program. They take the ZDF-Neo account from another fake user. In the end, however, things get too hot for them and they give up the account.

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Positive reactions show how important authenticity is

The reactions – surprisingly positive. Instead of legal steps there is an employment contract. By the way, we found the whole great story at Richard Gutjahr. And Sascha Lobo also commented there:

"One of the media institutions that one would have least expected would be an excellent example of how to deal with the new media world."

Transparency, openness and authenticity are the buzzwords of internet and social media communication

As funny as the story is - as Job Searchstrategy is not really recommended. It worked here because it did well. And because not every future employer reacts as easily as ZDF. Legally, the matter could have turned out very differently for the two of them.

But history shows something completely different: transparency, openness and authenticity are the watchwords of the Internet– and social mediaCommunication. Because every small mistake can be discovered immediately, there is nothing left to do but be open and Honestly with your own weaknesses to deal with

New challenges in public communication

But that is exactly what presents us with new challenges: Because where the boundaries between public and private appearances used to be clear were, they are becoming increasingly blurred today. Say something like that Recruiting-Expert Robindro Ullah, former Human Resources Manager South at Deutsche Bahn, in an interview:

“For me stood fast firmly: A strict separation between professional and private topics is not possible. On the contrary: mixing leads to closer social contacts, which strengthens them Network among the employees. "

Authentic does not mean uninhibitedly honest

The Problem At the same time: More openness and transparency does not mean that everyone is just the way they are. Rather, the borders are no longer defined by social conventions, but by everyone themselves. And that brings corresponding risks with you, as management consultant Olaf Hinz warns:

“…but also the topic 'authentic' is often exaggerated. What is needed is a coherent appearance or a coherent staging. And it is precisely staging that also has the role models/expectations of the Employees, colleagues or the audience in view. After all, anyone who is highly personal, authentic and 'honest' is quickly perceived by their professional environment as 'too close' and 'too private'. I think it needs a professional appearance that is neither adapted nor too private by 'keeping a balance' between authenticity and the performance of the role: a coherent staging..."

Faked authenticity or learned persuasion?

So it's not just a matter of being yourself, but of leaving an authentic impression. With this contradiction of “fake” authenticity, there are many difficulties. For example, a commentator writes:

“Professional Authentic act – Oh weiah, this combination of words gives me a real stomach ache. I'm either something or I seem so..."

Credibility yes, but not being real at all costs

According to presentation and impact expert Michael Moesslang, author of the book “Professional Authenticity”, it is not about bending. According to Moesslang, that is rather credibility Objective an authentic appearance:

“The more confident and self-assured a person appears, the greater the increase in attributes such as persuasiveness and Respect - which both have a lot to do with each other ... To be real is not a reason to be considered confident and credible. Someone who has always gone through life with sagging shoulders or evasive eye contact is real too. "

Authenticity – just a matter of practice?

And according to Moesslang, credibility through a confident and confident demeanor is not achieved by simply being and remaining oneself - but much more by being willing to learn, to change and to develop further - and by showing a confident demeanor as well practice and learn. Exactly these resistorsAccording to Moesslang, this must be overcome.

Authenticity that convinces. So, at the end of the day, is successful social media communication just a matter of practice?

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