If you think it's enough, only good ones Performance for Success to bring, is wrong: Whether employed or self-employed, it is important that one with customers and clients optimally negotiated. Five tips for not getting ripped off, even in important negotiations!


Negotiate - Dare!

Many People often don't even think of them Ideathat they too negotiate could. On the contrary:

If an offer is too expensive for you or does not suit you exactly, you say no immediately, while the other person is ready to talk.

A too fast yes hurts!

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Do not you believe? According to my coaching experience, that applies above all Women. They often agree fast yes, although you could have gotten more for yourself.

I experience that, for example, when women Coaching inquire, or when women make decisions as a board member in an association Further Training meet or when women around salary or (should) negotiate fees. And above all, of course, when women negotiate as entrepreneurs.

The problem also affects men

Even if there are repeated investigations which lead to the conclusion that the small proportion of women in management positions is mainly due to the weakness of negotiation:

The Problem also affects men. However, I find it strikingly often with women in my everyday coaching life. And as recent developments have shown, there are a number of other reasons for the issue of women in management positions.

Pick the best for you

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But that is not the point. It's about getting the best out of it when negotiating.

Therefore, in the following tips six for people who want to negotiate better in the job or in other situations:

6 Tips for optimal negotiation

  1. Think about it: A bit of what goes always!
  2. An offer is never the last word!
  3. Think about what you could negotiate. Creativity is in demand !, free according to the motto: Nothing is impossible!
  4. For example, additional services or other advantages are possible, if there is no financial leeway.
  5. Even if nothing goes on, experience for the next time you always win.
  6. Negotiation can be incredible fun!

And you?

All I have to do is ask: When do you start your next negotiation?

Don money like a magnet

Money attract like a magnet - who wouldn't like that? Because in our capitalist Society Money is the number one power tool.

The good news is that everyone can do something about it themselves. By negotiating accordingly. Good helps with that Preparation and the right attitude.

Butterbrot as remuneration?

Because: What good is the best job or job, if you get as a reward for just a sandwich? Or if the Executive or Customer has completely impossible wishes?

Therefore, it is important to pass your own point of view and insist on a higher fee or other conditions. Five simple tips can help:

6 quick tips for successful negotiation

  1. Make it clear what a conversation or a negotiation is about: Often it is not about "the matter", but everyone just wants to represent his position and make it clear. You can take advantage of that!
  2. What is important is a good preparation: Think about the objections that your negotiating partner might raise and prepare to defend them with good arguments.
  3. Always include enough goals and negotiating options in the negotiation. Because then you do not have to insist on a point of view.
  4. Tactically act smart and sometimes meet your counterpart and thereby strengthen (supposedly) his position. This will then be of service to your cause overall.
  5. But if you persist, do not lose sight of your goal! Not: the rational gives way. But the rational persists in their interests.
  6. But very important: always show friendly and flexible. Even if you want to get tired of the temptation to be bruised.

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