Regardless of the environment in which we move or in which Industry we operate: Without a network, no Success – neither professionally nor privately. A skillful small talk helps to get in easier Contact to kick and market yourself better.

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Sympathy for the think-tank

As soon as two strangers meet People meet for the first time, a sympathy test is carried out unconsciously. Thinking drawers are opened within fractions of a second:

Entweder is sympathisch or unsympathetic and thus automatically the generalization in competently or incompetent. This evaluation reflex is based on the basic human instincts that our early ancestors needed to survive.

Friend or foe?

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When people who were fiercely at that time met, people had to decide immediately whether they were a friend or a foe - with the corresponding consequences such as attack or flight.

These days, when two strangers meet, the first impression is very good fast characterized by physical expression (such as posture, facial expressions, gestures) and clothing. Or on the phone, for example through the voice itself, as well as the first words.

The fear of rejection

In Anxiety The fear of rejection keeps many people from seeking contact with other people. And for the following reasons:

Often something new

It is quite common for two colleagues to go to a congress or a seminar, sit side by side - and in the evening on the way home, they have not even met a new person, but actually have only remained together.

Some may object that they are not afraid to speak to strangers at events. Who likes to admit that they're scared? This inability to have inhibitions when speaking to people is often talked about nicely, for example with “I just don't like speaking to strangers!” or "I don't need to speak to anyone!".

Inhibitions are expensive!

In the business world, inhibitions are the most expensive thing there is. Because while one speaks unobtrusively with many people and “networks”, another, who is perhaps even more interesting, stays below his possibilities because he stays alone or always in the same circles.

But people buy from people. And customers can only buy from people they know, or at least recommend them.

 People buy from people

As a rule, a person is very unpleasant to strangers if, for example, they immediately tell something to others during the break sell want. That is why it is elementary, not with the attitude “I want something sell - let's see who I can sell something to today! " going to events, but with the mindset "Let's see which 5 interesting people I will meet today."

On the one hand, in the latter variant, that is Objective clear towards appreciative strangers, and set at 5 on the other. If you make a few more contacts right away, you don't run the risk of sticking to the whole event the first time you make contact, but maybe talk to another stranger after a few minutes or during the next break.

Find common ground

Very light the address succeeds if you address commonalities. For example, “How did you like the last one Lecture?” or "And, could you take something away from the event?".

It is also conceivable to go to a bar table, where only (still) strangers are romping, with the sentence "Hello, may I stand by?" But also addressing other people in the event rooms, for example in the canteen or on the way to or from the toilet or the parking lot, is also conceivable.

Talking is silver, listening is gold!

It's important to let the other person talk - and not to put yourself too much in the foreground. People like to talk about themselves or about others. The more you listen to your conversation partner seriously and with interest, the more comfortable they will feel feel.

And as soon as that Conversation is coming to an end, the exchange of business cards can be addressed offensively: If someone in the group says “What do you think if we exchange business cards again for a moment?” reaches into his inside pocket to take out his business cards, then all too often others do the same to confirm him.

The aftermath

later in Office then you have to research more about the person: Can you network with them via XING or LinkedIn, for example? Are there perhaps professional points of contact that can be discussed in a telephone call?

If, therefore, the telephone conversation is made following the personal conversation, the conversation is significantly easier. For now there are first similarities, namely the entertainment at the event. This means that the person who is called is more likely to be much more interested and sympathetic.

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