These standards and values ​​are developed in a second step and modified if necessary. The structures and appropriate instruments are then defined.


Working together to develop a culture of mistakes

It is important that this step is done together. The collection and recording of the errors should be Companys not as a centralized control measure of the topmost Guide be felt.

The following applies without a doubt: Mutual Trust is the most important basis for the successful introduction of an error culture throughout the company.

Consolidate new values

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Therefore: Before new instruments such as a general error culture can be integrated into the corporate process, the trust in the entire workforce must first be confirmed that the “new” values ​​are valid.

This includes the most important step in ensuring that supervisors react to faults in a neutral and benevolent way. It is absolutely forbidden to make fun of any mistakes or damage.

The basis of communication

Esteem and Respect are the basis of Communicationwhen it comes to mistakes. In this phase, managers should also openly admit mistakes.

Nothing builds trust like example from above. Should the emotions dominating anyway, it is necessary not to react in a soothing manner ("It will be fine, just wait and see!"), but to very consciously separate the factual and emotional question.

To deal with emotions properly

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The leadership should, on the one hand, show an understanding of the concerns and fears of the employees and, on the other hand, consistently insist on the new principles and objectives in the matter of the case.

Part of a culture of trust is to be at fault on all levels. At least now, all areas in the company are required.

Keep your expectations clear

It just has to clear What is expected of each individual employee is communicated: in the event of an error, show your colors and do not cover up anything.

Now everyone has to be clear: the earlier an error becomes known, the faster it can react. An absolute prerequisite in this phase is the absolute and constant backing up and down.

Acts instead of words

Beautiful words are not asked here: it is about concrete acts that testify how mistakes are handled from now on.

All employees must be aware of the instruments of fault culture and their handling, permanent training is a mosaic of the implementation success.

The Implementation will only work if the employees recognize the advantage of the error culture, for which they take on a bit more effort and leave their comfort zone.

Questions to be asked

The Ask, to which all those involved in the company should find answers here, are:

Overcome resistances

This phase of the process is usually marked by heated discussions about Set, values ​​and concrete Measures.

Many resistors this has to be overcome, but this can only be done if these concerns are seriously discussed or if the advantages for all areas are transparent.

Individual approaches to solutions instead of rigid concepts

Individual approaches to solutions are also helpful, since rigid, identical concepts are usually not suitable for all business sectors.

The instruments must be adapted to the individual circumstances and resources. They need to be clearly and clearly defined, so that they can be used by all employees.

All must benefit

The central error collection only makes there Sinn, where everyone can benefit from the knowledge. This can be done, among other things, through further workshops for the employees in the respective areas.

A self-commitment by the management with regard to the principles of error culture is the starting point for ideas to spread in the company.

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