We all know it: low-cost airlines, overcrowded trains, too many People, queuing, drafty train stations, traffic jams on the road. No doubt, travel often means the pure one Stress and it is not uncommon for us to arrive totally rushed at our destination.

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Stress and jet lag on a business trip

Of course, this also applies to holidaymakers, but they are more likely to find the opportunity to really relax at their holiday destination. On the other hand, those who are traveling for work often do not have this opportunity, because they usually have to wait as soon as they arrive Meetings, customer appointments, events or similar other stressors on the travelers.

If it is an overseas trip, jet lag is often added. I remember going on a professional trip to Western Canada that started at 4 a.m. eMails because I was awake and couldn't sleep anymore. Conversely, I often get at home eMails at night, preferred by start-up founders. Which brings me to another stress factor for people who travel a lot for business: It is considered chic and particularly productive to sleep little and to be up early.

The more ambitious, the earlier awake

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For Dr. med. Hans-Martin Beyer, Medical Director of the Enzensberg Medical Care Center in Hopfen am See and, as a sleep expert, also a member of the Network “Healthy sleep through inner Order” Incidentally, in Füssen it is precisely the very ambitious, ambitious and in the truest sense of the word awake people who suffer particularly from such stress factors - and as a result, for example, sleep less well and wake up earlier in the morning.

It is therefore probably no coincidence that getting up early is particularly fashionable in the start-up scene. We hear again and again from particularly successful personalities how productively they can work early in the morning and it is not for nothing that the saying goes “the early bird catches the worm”. If, however, by getting up early the bedtimes clear shortened, this is probably just as counterproductive in the long term as constant business trips and jet lag.

Is lack of sleep particularly productive?

For example, young entrepreneurs, especially in the technology sector, have to adapt according to the established Opinions adjust to long working hours and reduced sleep. But then the question arises as to how productive these are Founder are real in the end. That's what Michael Thomsen saw in one Article in Forbes Magazine from 2014 entitled “How Sleep Deprivation Drives the High Failure Rates of Tech-Startups” a connection between the poor sleep habits of founders and the high number of failures Company in the initial phase.

It is therefore problematic if too little sleep is glorified as particularly productive. Incidentally, this also applies to politicians and business leaders who turn night into day in critical negotiations. Or think of ex-Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer, who supposedly worked 130 hours a week and then fell asleep at the table.

Why sleep is important

Auch Dr. Chris Winter writes in his book “Tired Was Yesterday. How you can treat your sleep disorder yourself and find sleep again ”, published in 2018 by MVG, about the connection between brain function and good sleep:

In 2015, scientists Antoine Louveau and Aleksanteri Aspelund independently discovered that the Brain very well about a System equipped to dispose of waste products: the glymphatic system. Although scientists now generally agree on its existence, another aspect of the glymphatic system actually made the headlines. Scientists discovered that the major waste product cleared from the glymphatic system is beta-amyloid (Aβ), the protein that builds up in the brains of Alzheimer's patients. That fact alone is fascinating, but that's not all: when we're asleep, the glymphatic system is 60 percent more productive than when we're awake! Isn't that remarkable? Not only do we have a system that pumps waste materials out of our brains, but according to the work of scientist Maiken Nedergaard and her colleagues, this waste disposal system works significantly better while we sleep. With this knowledge in mind, consider the long-term consequences of poor sleep. through the decisionStaying up late at night impairs your brain's ability to dispose of the toxic waste that has built up during the day. Think of your brain as a massive ocean tanker. The glymphatic system corresponds to the bilge pump, which pumps out the water that collects in the ship's hull. If the bilge pump fails or is not working efficiently, water will accumulate and eventually the ship will sink.3 While this is almost certainly not a complete explanation for the development of Alzheimer's disease, it can play a significant role . A 2013 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association Neurology confirms this mechanism. In the study cited there with seventy older adults, it was shown that the subjects who reported either shorter sleep durations or more frequent sleep interruptions had higher concentrations of Aβ. One more thing about the glymphatic system: it seems to work better when sleeping on your side. Researchers Hedok Lee and colleagues at Stony Brook University found in studies with rodents that the glymphatic system was most efficient when the rodent was lying on its side. A behavior change that you can implement immediately to improve your Risks for Alzheimer's disease, so it's easy to sleep on your side."

Ensure a good night's sleep with the right aids

So it turns out there are plenty of reasons to ensure a good night's sleep, especially on business trips, in order to be rested and productive during important discussions and negotiations. To achieve this, sometimes very simple means help, as I recently found during my trip to Füssen in the Hotel Wiedemann, which has been specially certified for healthy sleep by the city.

The spa town of Füssen, in cooperation with the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU), carried out a study on lifestyle-related sleep disorders and also developed a certification process for hotels that is based on one of the University Kempten developed catalog of criteria. Therefore, the sleep goodies listed below are all available for guests in many hotels in Füssen.

Checklist for a good night's sleep on a business trip: this is part of your luggage

But what do business travelers do with he selection not so lucky in your hotel? The following will help you checklist while packing:

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