Some look forward to the company party, for others it is a nuisance mandatory. The atmosphere is mostly relaxed, but certain things still apply Regulate. Anyone who masters them can at the Career points.

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1. Accept the invitation

Participation in a company celebration is not obligatory. Keep in mind, however, that a no-show gives the impression that you have no interest in becoming an outsider.

Because many Company such socializing is standard. Use the occasion as a career opportunity and make a confident appearance.

2. The dresscode

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If a dress code is specified on the invitation, you must adhere to it. If nothing is specified, the place where the celebration takes place is decisive. Celebrate on the bowling alley, a dark suit doesn't make a difference Sinn.

However, if you are invited to a chic restaurant, the suit is very suitable. For women, it is better to leave daring outfits (deep neckline, skirt too short, high heels) in the closet for a private occasion. Basically, the same applies to a celebration as in everyday work: "More material means more authority."

3. Restraint in alcohol

“Children and drunks always tell the truth”. You should be aware of this wisdom when drinking alcohol. If you look too deeply into the glass, you run the risk of saying sentences that make you feel sorry for yourself the next day, that are embarrassing or even harm your career.

Also, excessive drinking gives the impression that you are drinking Costs of Company let it go really well. So: better one glass less than one too many.

4. The food

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There are two things to consider here: First, don't go to the buffet before your Executive it's free, and second, don't clutter your plate. A sense of proportion is required. Better to go several times and take smaller portions.

To each course you take a new plate. If the food is individually ordered, stay modest and order not only the most expensive and most unusual dishes on the menu.

5. Watching flirting

If you flirt too conspicuously with your colleague, you are always the Eyes exposed to the other. That could become an issue in the company the next day. If you feel pressured to flirt, it is best to seek support and involve a neutral third party Conversation .

6. Be careful with the “you”

If you are offered the "you" by your boss, you should accept it. Loud Business-Knigge The following rule applies: the person with the higher rank offers the person with the lower rank the “du”. Spontaneous offers from colleagues should be treated with caution, as some of these offers are quietly revised the next day.

Then leave this change of heart uncommented. The best thing to do is to wait and greet your colleagues with a “good morning”.

7. Show good manners

Punctual appearance is self-evident. Do not leave the celebration much more than most other colleagues. If you want or need it, please explain to your host. A thank you for the successful feast at the farewell pleased every boss.

8. Small talk skillfully

To start a conversation are very good topics such as hobbies, holidays, city breaks or children. The corporate party is not the place for career talks, salary demands, colleagues' puzzles, or suggestions for improvement.

Basically, polarizing topics that fast which can lead to disagreements or bad moods are avoided. These include, for example, politics, religion, illness or death.

9. How the body speaks

Pay attention to the distance zone, especially at a later hour, ie the physical distance to your conversation partner should not be less than an arm's length. With that you go for sure, that you don't get in the way of anyone.

During the conversation, look at the other person, do not cross your arms or stick yours hands in your pocket. In doing so, you are expressing an appreciative attitude.

10. The day after

The next day everyone is back in his role. Who then feels that he is not behaved as he should, speaks best.

It is better to apologize and thus image harm to conversations of colleagues or supervisors.

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