In uncertain times of crisis, the need for security is particularly high. An overview of training paths in securityIndustry.

Job profile! & Training Guard and security service providers: The business of fear

What jobs are there in the guard and security service provider industry?

A growing area of ​​German Economy is the industry of guard and security service providers, to which around 6.000 Company and around 260.000 Employees belong. More and more safety-related activities are being transferred to companies in this area, which is why this industry is becoming enormously relevant.

Anyone who first thinks of bouncers or gatekeepers in this context is not alone. Many services in this industry are hardly known - der Job is generally underestimated. In fact, however, he is particularly versatile, which is why we are in this Article going into more detail about the job description of the guard and security service provider. In particular, we address the training and further education opportunities as well as possible negative Aspects.

Training opportunities in the security industry

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To get started in the guard and security industry, the following three-year training courses are possible:

Both are recognized dual training courses. The following contents are particularly important, which are ultimately also responsible for the existence of the so-called Expertise examination according to paragraph 34 a of the trade regulations are needed:

How does the dual vocational training work?

These topics must be able to be covered by safety experts from all areas. The above-mentioned competence test is always taken at the end of the training and is also usually required later by employers and clients. Regardless of the training, this exam can also be taken by career changers who are new to the security industry.

In such a case, after a few years of professional experience, there is the possibility of taking an external examination and thus obtaining a qualification as a specialist for protection and security. To this end, there is a replacement for the three-year-old Vocational Training Various courses to learn the content, but self-study is also possible.

In fact, however, seminars from certified educational institutions are a good idea, since the examination in front of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) is quite demanding and a comprehensive one Deselect requires.

Studying as an introduction to security?

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who prefer one Study graduated can also do this. For example, this would be a possibility Safety management studies, which is then supplemented with internships or part-time jobs. In this way, practical experience can be gained at an early stage. It is here too usefulto later take the proficiency test.

However, at least one information procedure according to paragraph 34a of the trade regulations is recommended. This must be carried out by the employer at the beginning of the activity.

What jobs are there in the guard and security industry?

Trained specialists are required for the following activities:

Some companies in the surveillance and security industry now also offer an "all-service service": In addition to pure property protection, cleaning and courier services or other services are also covered. Thus, the range of activities clear even more versatile.

What is the job market like?

In general, new ones are always being made Specialists of all kinds in the security industry wanted, because the shortage of skilled workers is also increasing here. For example, the public service, police and customs are constantly looking for support and there is also a great need at the airports. There are also a number of private companies that are very active in the market successfully and are always looking for employees.

All of the activities listed above can of course be carried out as an employee, but self-employment is also conceivable. In this regard, professional experience is important on the one hand, but on the other hand various further training courses are undoubtedly advisable. The competition is tough.

Possible salary and further training

The salary of a security guard is of course dependent on the type and scope of the activity and the company. On average, employees with a full-time position in this branch receive 33.200 euros gross per year.

To this salary increase, further training is also available in this area. There are various options for this: additional qualifications as a foreman for protection and security as well as protection and security worker RZ or a qualification as a fire protection assistant. In addition, the degree of certified protection and security officer can also be obtained from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Dark side of work in the guard and security trade

In addition to the diversity of the profession of guard and security service provider, there are of course also negative aspects here. Anyone interested in a job in this industry must know that it is often necessary to work evenings, nights, weekends and public holidays - depending on the activity.

This requires a high degree of flexibility, also with regard to changing locations. Bodyguards in particular work very mobile. A "normal" privacy with regulated Everyday life doesn't always exist. In addition, the job can also be quite dangerous under certain circumstances, which not every type of person can endure.

Future opportunities in the security industry

This fact and the low pay frightens many People who find the job fundamentally interesting. The industry is therefore faced with an increasing shortage of skilled workers. And it can certainly be stated that the salary does not do justice to the complex and possibly dangerous work. For this reason, however, it makes sense to undergo extensive further training and thus achieve more responsibility and a higher salary.

Without a doubt, the shortage of skilled workers also brings opportunities. Because the entry opportunities are certainly higher if the company is desperately looking for staff. Reports of mental and physical health tests or examinations of living conditions, which fail the Candidate leave immediately should remain unconsidered. Whether these actually take place depends on the respective employer and is not a standard in the industry.

Conclusion: Versatile and exciting activities

The activities of the guard and security trade are clearly extremely varied and exciting. It is all the more regrettable that many people hardly know this job description or completely underestimate it. In fact, the career opportunities are quite high, provided that proper training and further education are completed. But even career changers can learn something Engagement establish well in this area.

In any case, the prevailing shortage of skilled workers improves the entry for interested parties who are not deterred by the negative aspects. With regard to the salary, increases can undoubtedly be expected due to professional experience and further training. It can therefore be worthwhile to venture into this profession. Self-employment may also be an option. The need is there.

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