Human-machine cooperation is becoming more and more important. Machines often do routine work with better quality. artificial Intelligence – AI – is a decisive factor in further development. But she has her limits.

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Digitization: Good work needs different perspectives

Because for them decisionwhat machines are working on, interpreting the results, and developing new ones ideas human-human cooperation is more valuable than ever.

Because this requires different perspectives. And because machines lack something essential, namely intentionality, i.e. the ability to consciously respond to one's actions Objective align. In addition, the more challenging the task, the more important the human-human collaboration. Because we are particularly adaptive and creative with positive social interaction.

AI: Natural ability to cooperate

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It seems that computers are a big step ahead of us when it comes to cooperation. Yes, they work together without reservations. The machine does not care whether the data is from a Windows, Linux or MacSystem come. They don't withhold information or forms these to gain an advantage. The result: Machines go mad fast smarter together.

But collaboration and cooperation is ours People laid in the cradle. Already in the clans and tribes we felt an inner engagementto do justice to one another. We knew that together we could achieve better results faster. In todays Working world is about taking this natural ability to cooperate to a new level. From the small group, the manageable Team into a new, bigger We. Because we need more cooperative and collaborative intelligence than ever.

The social brain

People invest time and Energyto get to know and understand others because then they can trust them better. People struggle to resolve conflicts. They feel the moral pressure to put their own interests behind the interests of the group. Because we know that we can get further together than alone. Fortunately, we humans have received an extraordinary equipment for this. Our social Brain.

With the so-called Spiegelneurons we can Behavior anticipate our counterpart and thus adjust to him. Our brain rewards us with dopamine when we experience successful social interactions. In addition, we humans can come to terms with people with whom we do not yet have a social bond. This makes it easier for us to quickly adapt to different cultures, disciplines and interests.

Central driver of progress

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Cooperative intelligence and intelligent cooperation - both need strong egos, which have their own Opinions have and are willing to share, even if it is controversial. The prerequisites for this are diversity, debate and lateral thinkers. What particularly characterizes the strong ego is philanthropy and the will to one Solution to come from which as many as possible can benefit.

Let's be Honestly: What would be left of us if we subtracted everything we learned from others or in which others contributed? Not much! Cooperation is the central driver of human development as well as economic progress. Breaking down silos, cross-functional collaboration, think tanks, agility, collaboration and co-creativity. Isn't that what currently best suits the needs of the environment?

3 reasons for the cooperative cooperation between man and machine

three good ones Founder speak for more human-human cooperation, because cooperative intelligence shows and multiplies:

1. Humanity: establishing a relationship, emotionality

Humans are social and emotional beings. Every athlete, every musician knows them Effect cheering fans. It is easier to surpass yourself with encouragement. Our brain functions in a positive social climate clear better.

Encouraging and supportive signals help us to unlock our full potential. We rock each other up. This is how co-creativity arises. Our collaborative intelligence increases when we use exactly what machines don't have. Our heart.

2. Time factor: seek exchange, flexibility

The home office is very popular. Not only because it brings flexibility, but also to be able to work undisturbed. However, that is exactly what can prevent success because we do not exchange enough information.

Of course, this can also be done virtually, but personal encounters arise from attachment and closeness, i.e. the human spark, that cannot replace it.

3. Learning together: Allow communication, quality

Most of the learning does not take place in seminars, but on the Workplace. Asking others or talking about your own learning experiences is not very popular in German offices. But that is exactly what promotes the joint learning process.

Let's think and work "out loud". Let's exchange ideas with colleagues. Let's talk about experiences, results and - yes, also - about personal challenges. By actively overcoming mutually fertilizing each other, we Problems and obstacles easier and learn faster.

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