The digital Transformation will many People forced to reorient themselves professionally. The focus will be on the question: What can and do I actually want?

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Decide - but please immediately!

professional Reorientation starts with brooding for many. It is much more productive to develop a plan in a structured and step-by-step manner. But the first step is good and crazy ideas to develop and grow. But it shouldn't work like this:

“I have some ideas about what I could do professionally. I would definitely like to work with people, preferably in the social area. I can also imagine being in a big international Companys to be employed – maybe in Marketing or in the PR area. Or I'll do something on my own - that would also be possible. I just CAN'T decide – Decisiveness is not exactly my greatest strength. But I finally want to do something else, so one has to be done immediately decision here."

  1. An optimal decision wants to be thought through: I hear a problem description at least once a week. Someone has been pondering for a while, and some approximate notions of what he could do professionally. And now he means to decide. However, he does not see that a half-way decision on this basis is not possible at all. For this, we need well thought-out and clearly defined alternatives.
  2. It depends on the optimal planning: On Day X, where my project plan provides for the decision about my professional future, all possible career paths must be planned as well as possible: costs, risks, application strategies, necessary investments and training and so on. How else should I make a GOOD decision ?! Logically, right?
  3. Developing concrete goals from dreams: This is what the development process of my reorientation project aims at: I have to develop such clear alternatives from a few spongy ideas or dreams and inclinations (or from zero ideas and a state of complete ignorance). This is a long way - and without a concept one goes fast.
  4. Creativity is only the first step - but an important one! For example, if carmaker XY wants to develop a whole new model, there are probably only a few very rough ideas in the beginning. And that's just as well. Because in order to come up with really new ideas, above all we need an ability: our creativity. And that in turn needs a lot of space and the permission to think in all directions. Only those who dare to think seemingly absurd and unthinkable will be rewarded in the end with original solutions.
  5. The crazier the idea, the more original the result: When developing the car, it must be allowed in the first phase to think about a mobile with five wheels or a glass floor ... The larger the fundus - even crazy ideas - the higher the probability that pearls are underneath. In the course of the development process, the funnel may and must become narrower: some options, after careful consideration! - rejected, others are further developed to a prototype.
  6. What I do not want: What can I! The development process of the reorientation should also be the same. I recommend reorienters who are willing to look beyond their own eyes, to start with their interests, dreams and desires, and to think of all possible (and impossible) job ideas. What is important is what someone wants to do - not which profile on the market may have some chances!
  7. When crazy ideas become concrete projects: From the best job ideas are done in the next step job projects: That means that is considered how to make the idea - lucrative! - could be realized. The question is not whether you can possibly implement an idea or get a job - but HOW you would have to hire it so that it works. This angle of vision compels us to find detailed solutions and answers. And if the - as far as possible - are found, the decision is very often not so difficult.

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