Industrialization gave us life after the clock. At the same time, we still mean to be able to work on the minute. This is a waste of our greatest energies and freedom.


Caught in the treadmill?

Offt feel we are rushed, driven, harnessed to the treadmill. "That's not what I had in mind." Let's hear ourselves say. "Even though I actually like my job and chose it voluntarily."

It is exactly like that. But you are far more free than you think. Do not you believe? See for yourself: Because everyone Job contains very specific laws. It doesn't really matter which one you choose to take.

How to get out of addiction

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Let us take as an example the dentist who has set up his own business to offer dentistry according to his taste and to be his own master. However he turns it around, he will make appointments with his patients. At this time, he and his entire practice have to function. Punktum. Otherwise he will have had patients for the longest time. Imagine that the dentist comes and goes whenever it suits him, because the fixed patient appointments limit his freedom.

It is therefore completely irrelevant in which form the dentist takes his Performance offers. Whether as an employee or as a freelancer. He will have to abide by the patient appointment legality if he is to Income must generate. However, he is very free during the treatment appointment in his working methods, his service, his dealings with patients and employees, his practice and process design.

Dependencies can have a liberating effect

So it doesn't do anything for the dentist Sense to feel that the agreed treatment appointments are depriving him of his freedom. Because no matter how he will offer dentistry, he will make appointments in some way. But our dentist can feel very free, especially because of the treatment appointments, which are perceived as restrictive.

Because a busy schedule is the best proof of his good reputation and thus his certainly good income. Only with a full schedule and personal commitment to time and place can he create freedoms that are not possible for everyone. He can arrange the opening times of his practice largely as he likes, as well as the times when he visits the practice for vacation and Further Training closes.

This is exactly what you can do

It doesn't matter what job you do. Ask yourself this:

  1. Have you applied for the job you are now pursuing?
  2. Do you appear at your workplace every day?
  3. Did you know beforehand that the job also includes certain duties?
  4. If you were to work with another employer, would a lot of work, routines, and specifications be identical?

If you answered “yes” to all four questions, you can now confidently put the treadmill feeling aside. You will never change certain things in your job simply because they are an integral part of your job. Just as every profession has inevitable components that People restrict.

You can do that now

Be aware of where you have freedom of design within the given limits, routines, sequences, etc. Take these liberties consciously as freedom. Try to find out how you can make changes in your sphere of influence in order to feel freer and more enjoyable about your work.

Because if you feel free and enjoy doing your work, you are inevitably good at it. And this perceived freedom and measurable high quality of work will have an impact on your environment. Who knows what liberties you're taking in Future get it, without you having thought it possible.

That's how our inner clock is ticking

Because in each of us a very special clock is ticking. It is neither made of steel nor plastic and you cannot program it with just a few clicks. Controlled by the sun, this watch has been ticking for six million years.

And this watch doesn't care whether it's a shift change or an important one Meeting pending. It ticks and gives us after a solid Pattern High and low phases for body, mind and emotions. If we work against them, we wear out ours Energy. If we use them skilfully, we fully exploit our potential. In order to understand how we optimally use the different performance phases, we look at them on two levels.

1. Level: the function

Of course we show up willing to work and on time for the shift or the meeting. We spool ours Tasks away. Sometimes more and sometimes less motivated. Sometimes more and sometimes less involved. Afterwards we also feel sometimes more and sometimes less exhausted. This has become so much second nature to us since we were at school, we no longer question whether it has to be like this.

Before we even began to think properly, we were drilled into how it worked by the clock. This functioning is important for the optimization of processes. It degrades us to service providers according to the norm. And those who are constantly ticking for strange clocks are constantly over- or under-challenged, which tires them and makes them less rebellious. This makes us easier to control and gratefully fulfills the norm in order to get through our energy resources, which are already under attack Criticism not to strain further.

There is another way.

2. Level: the quality

Showing up for shifts or meetings on time and willing to work, that's up to us. It also remains for us to unwind one or the other task in order to conserve our strength. But we usually have a lot more in the Hand to shape our task content than we often believe.

For the most part, we can certainly vary when we tackle tasks and when we do our whole creativity brauchen, to plan and to organize, when we have challenging conversations or work through in a concentrated manner.

6 Tips: How to determine when to perform the best activities

  1. Take a piece of paper at a relaxed moment in a relaxing atmosphere.
  2. In turn, think back to various activities such as being creative, planning, organizing, conducting important conversations, working off, etc.
  3. Example Creativity: At what times do you have your best ideas? Is this mostly in the morning, in the morning or only in the evening? Make a note of these times or plot them graphically using a graph.
  4. Make a note of the daily phases of all your usual activities, which are particularly easy for you.
  5. The same is true for a typical week. Do you have your most creative days at the beginning of the week or maybe even on weekends?
  6. Identically, you can design your year: At what seasons are you especially active? When do you feel extremely needful recovery?

How to find your own work rhythm

According to your results, you can now plan your daily, weekly and yearly schedules. If, for example, you have your most creative phases early in the morning, you should also keep time free for creativity and not be stealing time from distracting activities. If you notice a significant lack of energy in the early afternoon, do not make important conversations or high-concentration tasks. Work there, for example, lying down.

So you will be able to let far more freedom flow into your day. You will realize more and more how much you can be master of the situation and where you change the dependence of the functioning in voluntary action. You will be successful if you listen to yourself and actually believe yourself.

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