“Anyone who no longer knows where the Head stands could already have lost it,” says the aphorist Rupert Schützbach. And thus shows the basic problem of multitasking.

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Help, multitasking: screaming or shaking your head?

Anyone who reads the study on the subject could - headword multitasking - shout at the same time, shake their heads, curse and scare the preachers of multitasking out of their churches.

Because the thing with heads - that's exactly the mockery of multitasking: While it gives the impression that the People making it more effective costs effectiveness and invites error.

How exactly do human workflows work?

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Computer scientist Gloria Mark from the University California captured the workflows of 700 people over 24 hours of work.

The processes of seven managers, eight programmers and nine analysts were examined. The study recorded every step, every movement, every disturbance and interruption to the second. The result was surprising and shocking.

Attention: work interruption: 25 minutes until you get back on the road

Shocking wasn't just that one Employees is interrupted on average every eleven minutes. What happened next was particularly shocking: It took 25 minutes before he resumed his original job! And then the questions started:

Complex problems cannot be solved in 3 minutes

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It took him eight minutes to get back into the process - and three more before he was ripped out again. Three minutes! In a time that is barely enough to brew a cup of coffee, the heroes of the modern Working world complex Problems solve. Is it any wonder that ruinous mistakes keep happening, such as those that plunged us into the banking crisis?

Multitaskers act like drowning people

Especially since the employees literally have to tear themselves apart: Twelve separate ones Tasks each of the workers observed by Gloria Mark had to do. The people behave like drowning people: when they realize that they can't make it, they start lashing out more and more violently.

They fall into actionism and repeating what didn't work instead of trying what might work; they drown in work.

A phone call lowers attention by 40 percent

Researchers at the University of Utah in the United States have shown in a driving simulator that a phone call while driving lowers concentration by at least 40 percent.

Those on the phone made as many driving errors as drunks. Why should a stock exchange trader who is on the phone while chasing stocks act less drunk?

How Much Money Are Companies Losing From Multitasking?

The price for this madness is high, and not just in terms of health. In the US, 28 billion work hours go up in smoke every year because of employee disruption. This Fun costs 588 billion US dollars.

As a precaution, nobody has collected these figures for Germany. Or is he still on the rise, but has not come to a result because of all the multitasking?

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