In the whole discussion about sustainable Company shall fast forget how immensely important it is that the Executives of a company are also up to this task. 2 X 10 criteria that should therefore be applied to managers.


Managers need new skills

Over the years, so much has changed in the role of the manager. This is partly because the complexity of business life is increasing, especially for those working in multinationals and in the global environment. But time has also changed the skills managers need.

The current business environment has changed over the past few decades clear changed and it is hardly surprising that the role of the manager has changed in a similar way. In some aspects a radical change has taken place. The Shop has become more complex, and in many organizations are even commonplace Tasks in a 24 hourWelt from global Significance.

10 characteristics of future-oriented managers

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This means that it is more challenging and challenging than in the past. The core features of any good manager are a mixture of skills and experience as well as attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge sets. By and large, some of the following skills are required:

  1. Understanding the importance of relationships and networks
  2. Understand the role of each colleague or co-worker
  3. How colleagues interact with each other and how the manager can get the best out of everyone
  4. The ability to cope with a rapidly changing work environment
  5. Good project management skills
  6. Confidence and ability to deal with ambiguity
  7. Build internal influence and partnerships throughout the organization and be good at managing upwards!
  8. Self-esteem, high energy values ​​with a good dose of resilience
  9. Resilience under pressure
  10. Comfortable with change of leadership as well as to compensate for competing requirements

What must the manager of the future be able to do?

It's hard, a manager in the 21. And we wonder whether companies spend enough time thinking about how they can do more to support their managers and help them?

For example, senior managers regularly spend time as “average manager” or as “junior manager” – we don't mean the red carpet visits in the Organization, but job shadowing for a day or a week at a time. When a manager was at the supermarket checkout for a week, he learned a lot and discovered how different life was for the younger ones in the organization.

The management level must also be checked

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Regular executive reviews, which leaders need to be more effective, would help. Also, looking after executives through more junior colleagues can be beneficial for both sides. Regular CEO lunches for executives; Modular training programs to support new leaders, individuals taking on their first middle management role, and also be of use to large teams at the top.

Perhaps more leaders should try to work a lower level for a while? When Adam Crozier came to Royal Mail as Managing Director, his arranged Executive his first day with the postman who delivers the mail. What are the skills of future managers?

10 criteria for future management?

Seizing these opportunities not only helps with personal credibility, but also gives leaders a real insight into the challenges facing their peers who are closer to the front lines! If being a manager is tough, so is they Employees in general.

  1. How well does your organization support and support your employees?
  2. Is it a great job?
  3. Would the employees recommend you as an employer to their friends?
  4. Would they advise them to go to a different place where they could be better treated and respected?
  5. When was the last company-wide employee interview in which this was evaluated?
  6. When were you rated for something else you could offer?
  7. Are the values ​​of the employees important for the organization, which are consistently applied in different departments, business areas, countries or locations?
  8. Or are rogue managers tolerated when the business results are good?
  9. And in terms of the role of the manager: Are mistakes seen as learning experiences?
  10. Or is career suicide a better description?

Our recommendation: Back to the roots

Too many organizations claim that mistakes can happen and they do not matter, but then they make a fake case against managers (or teams or divisions) who make mistakes. Long before he was GE's boss, Jack Welch blew up a factory - accidentally! and often about the fact that the boss of his boss did not beat him, but used it as a learning experience.

Our product: Instead of a long list of recommendations for improving the leadership environment, we recommend a practical approach. Within the next few months, every member of management should spend some time in a workshop or in a junior job.

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