Last week our little series was about how to authentic is, but at the same time on the desires of his customers enters What can help: storytelling.

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Trust thanks to pictures and stories

How about that trust build up through storytelling in detail, I would like to show you again with an example. Then clear is: With disinterest or egoism one does not arouse trust and does not sell anything.

In a seminar, two extremely different participants faced each other during a practical exercise: One – he Seller – was highly motivated, powerful and inspiring; the other participant, assigned to play the customer, was matter-of-fact, calm, and information-seeking. He spoke rather softly and was a reserved person.

Pursuit instead of coming together

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Fortunately, these two gentlemen separated a table. Because the seller sprayed just like that Energy and enthusiasm about what he was doing, that he – half sitting, half bending over the table – came towards the customer more and more.

The person opposite inevitably moved his chair further and further back and began light tipping against the wall (you probably remember that from your school days). He was practically chasing him.

What is missing: adaptability

You can imagine that our seller has not been commissioned in this scene. Although he was really a very lively and enthusiastic guy, he had, contrary to the expectation of all other participants of the seminar, also paid attention to his counterpart. Later on in the feedback discussion, he stated that he had noticed the backward movement of his customer.

But he could not implement this observation: The necessary adaptability was lacking! He had tried to ans with his very own way Objective without taking a single step towards the customer.

Less is more

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Here a little restraint would have been appropriate, a little more flexibility. With a little lower volume, for example, and with a slightly lower power level, the seller would have had more success.

Of course, if you're a quiet seller as a seller, it doesn't do much SinnYou probably won't be able to keep up with the pace of a very lively customer either. However, with a little "Courage to the gap” Increase your speed a bit to move on a comparable level with your customer.

Trust through visual language

Another important aspect of adaptability is your language of product and price argumentation: It should convince the customers of you and your product and build confidence.

You can do this if you speak clearly and unequivocally (Yes, dear Customer, the product is just right for them because…), rather positive than negative forms (Not: "We can't do that.", but: "We can do it on...") and use a pictorial language. This gives the customer a better idea of ​​what will happen once they hold your product in their hands.

Enclose yourself as a whole personality

In this way, you can also clarify complicated relationships and give the customer the last incentive to buy that he still needed. When an entrepreneur confronted an ad seller of a large newspaper with the objection “With the plethora of advertisements ours goes down,” he replied: “If you place the advertisement with us as I have offered you, it will be so pleasantly noticed like a lush green tree in the desert. ”

Bring yourself as a complete Personality with you in your sales pitch: Bring the humorous and the serious part, the loud and the quiet, the strong, why not the weak part with you Conversation. If you engage with your customers in a reasonably authentic, mindful, and adaptive manner, you'll soon come closer to your sales goal: a loyal customer who enjoys buying from you regularly.

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