Gaps in Curriculum vitae emerge faster than many believe today. But even if mosaic careers are becoming more and more normal today, many are still reacting HR and Recruiter skeptical. Our 4 tips can help.

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Gaps in your CV - a challenge for applicants

An Application zu draw up is basically a challenge. All data must be collated and information on the potential employer collected in order to present oneself with interest. Then the collected information must also be brought clearly into the right form in order to leave the best possible impression.

In the course of this data collection, some people are alarmed Candidate notes that there are no activity records for some periods. Whether it's a year of jobbing, a broken one Study or a sabbatical in Australia, often the relevant activities simply have not been certified and it will be difficult to obtain the evidence afterwards. And there they are: the dreaded ones Gaps in the resume. This means longer sections of at least two months in your professional career for which there is no evidence. But usually the gap in the CV is not the real one Problem Rather, the wrong handling of them can cause the greater damage.

What's the problem with incomplete resumes?

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Imagine you are an employer and want a new one Employees set. Everything fits perfectly and he seems the right one Choice to be for the advertised position. But then you discover that he hasn't been able to prove what he did for an extended period of time. The applicant is hesitant and unable to give a reasonable explanation. Doesn't that make you really curious or even suspicious?

HR managers and supervisors want for her Company attract good employees. These employees should of course have the required skills - but the basic requirement for good cooperation is reliability and honesty. If this basis does not exist from the outset, those responsible will certainly choose a different applicant.

Hide the gap? Not a good idea!

As the saying goes: "Lies are short-lived." If you can't explain a gap in your CV of more than two months or even try to cover it up, a good HR manager will usually fall for it fast on. At the latest in job interview you need to be skilled with Ask calculate in this regard.

At this point, one or the other “repair” has already been uncovered in the résumé. For the applicant, this means guaranteed the end. Falsifying documents is not well received. And if the "beauty corrections" come to light only after you have started working in the company, this can lead to one termination without notice of the employment relationship. This, in turn, does not make a particularly good impression on the next application.

Typical mistakes: the problem with the gap

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Typical mistakes in the CV are, for example, the omission of the month information. Here, every HR manager listens and asks I aufmerksam after. Or instead of a chronological curriculum vitae, you submit a profile without dates.

This option is not an option either Alternatives. Because a qualification profile in a conventional application for a permanent employment relationship only serves to supplement the application documents and does not replace the CV. This means that the documents are not complete and the chances of getting the new job decrease enormously.

Times change

Earlier began the normal, quite typical career an employee who has completed school; she then sat down with one successfully completed Vocational Training and being taken over by the company and ended with leaving the company at retirement age. Today sees one Career usually something different. Applicants gain experience by changing jobs, continue their education and the length of employment varies continuously.

The permanent employment contract is also a rarity these days. This approach alone increases the frequency of job changes or job changes Reorientation enormous. The demands of companies are increasing just like the workload. The willingness of employees to expose themselves to the increasing pressure is decreasing. So-called sabbaticals are increasing and more and more school and university graduates are being held off with internships. The typical and complete curriculum vitae is therefore increasingly becoming a rarity.

Gaps in your CV: 4 tips on how applicants deal with them

Who does not know that? The extra lap at school, dropping out of college, taking a little break after training or something a little longer Job Search. These are all mostly completely normal developments in the lives of many People. However, this creates the gaps in the CV that are feared by everyone, which supposedly ensure that an applicant does not get the desired job. But don't worry - with the right tips and correct handling of these missing entries, you won't have to worry about the gaps in your CV any more than you have to.

1. Tailor the curriculum vitae exactly to the job advertisement

There is no right or wrong when it comes to careers, because every résumé is individual. If you have already completed several professional positions, you may also be wondering whether this gives you a chance of the advertised dream job. Unfortunately, there is no general answer to the question. Every company has different requirements and the decisions are often more subjective.

So covering up is not the way to go. Therefore, try to let the unloved missing data recede more into the background. Match your resume even more to the job posting. How can you convince? Make yours qualifications and skills on your resume. Also, you might be able to distract yourself by - depending on Appear the gap - reverse the order of listing. Or indicate successes in the form of work samples. The more positive you stand out elsewhere, the less significant the gap in your CV will be.

2. Checklist: This is how you stand by your gaps

In any case, it is important not to cover up any gaps in the CV. Stand by it. Reasons such as parental or parenting times, further and advanced training, stays abroad, independence or the longer application phase are no longer uncommon:

3. Fill in the gaps in your CV

When it comes to gaps, the motto “honesty lasts the longest.” You don't have to emphasize this. However, if you are asked about it, honesty usually really helps. Then think again carefully about what you did in that time. Can you even use this activity for the advertised job? Perhaps you have taken an online course during this time, which will help you now. Or you have refreshed your language skills. Try to make positive use of the experience gained during this time.

HR managers are people too, so those responsible also know what is going on in everyday working life. But even here you should exercise caution. Then Honestly does not mean that you divulge intimate details. Make sure that the explanation is well packaged and also easy to digest.

4. Avoid gaps in your CV completely

Of course, in real life you don't constantly think about whether the CV after a hit decision is always seamless. Something unforeseen can always happen. Suddenly the employer is insolvent and you are unexpectedly unemployed. Or many things come together at once, giving you everything about the Head grows.

Rather, if a gap occurs, it is important that you fill it well from the start. Training, languageCourses or internships are good options for this. This way, you don't even feel embarrassed to have to justify yourself to your new employer.

Outlook: There are also changes in applications

digitization, new media, Society ... everything is constantly changing. A lot has also happened in terms of applications and gaps in the CV. What used to be an absolute no-go may be viewed very differently today. A perfect CV is now rather a rarity. HR professionals and employers are increasingly turning their attention to the so-called soft skills of applicants.

In addition, the shortage of skilled workers is causing a change on the job market. Employers are also asked at this point to attract and retain new employees. Because of this, one or the other gap in the CV is more likely to be accepted. Nevertheless, applicants should prepare well Competencies can score and also convince with honesty.

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